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Thread: Will KeeperFX Make Modding Dungeon Keeper More Possible?

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    Default Will KeeperFX Make Modding Dungeon Keeper More Possible?

    Hello, from what I understand KeeperFX is slowly replacing all of the code from Dungeon Keeper little by little. When KeeperFX is potentially complete, and since it is open source, could it possibly allow easier modding of dungeon keeper? (of course still require the disc files to play for legal reasons even when coding is complete)

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    Default Re: Will KeeperFX Make Modding Dungeon Keeper More Possible?


    I don't know, really, but it could surely be possible. However, adding extra stuff would require more materials: icons, sprites, textures, sounds and the like. If someone would be ready to do the job, then surely mods could be implemented. Only Mefisto has the last word about that.
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    Default Re: Will KeeperFX Make Modding Dungeon Keeper More Possible?

    The code is open-source, so anyone can do any modification to it - as long as the resulting code is also open.

    Actually, when I want to modify any game, I'm not asking whether it's possible, I'm just doing it.
    I mean, even if developers wanted to prevent modding their games, there's no way to prevent that (though they could make it a lot harder).

    To conclude, you can start modding any game (you're not always allowed to distribute the changes, but that's a legal issue, different story).

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