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Thread: Editing original campaign maps

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    Default Editing original campaign maps

    Hi !

    I'm Markus from Bavaria/Germany, 34 years old and i played DK1 since it was released in Germany so many, many years ago.
    I dug out my DK Gold CD and started playing again and thought about some map editing.

    If this question was asked in some other thread, i apologies. I searched but found nothing.

    How can i edit the original DK1 campaign maps?
    I just want to change little things, minor tweaks here and there.
    I installed the editor from the DK1 Gold disk and it functions well (besides the fact that it runs waaay to fast).

    I run DK1 and the editor in WindowsXP SP3, without dosbox.

    Thanks in advance for any help that you guys can give me!
    Oh, and please excause the bad english/grammar.

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    Default Re: Editing original campaign maps

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    Default Re: Editing original campaign maps

    Okay, thank you for the link.
    I might made it not clear enough, i have the original editor from the Gold edition, but how can i load the campaign maps into it?
    When i click on "load" in the editor, i get maps like Korros Tor and Karri-Mar, but not the original maps.

    How can this be done?
    Again, sorry, my fault. I didn't specify my request.

    Okay, i used the Unded editor to change some things and saved. For training purposes i used the first map (tutorial) so i would be able to test it fast.
    There is only one problem:
    All changes i made are not in the map. When checked in the Windowsexplorer it says: Data changed 16.02.2014. So my changes were saved in the map data file.
    I know i have to load a changed map again to make the changes appear, thats the reason why i used the tutorial level. But still, nothing there. When i open the map again with Unded the changes are still there.

    I searched the internet, but couldn`t find any "how to's" or tutorial for the Unded editor. Can someone help me with this, or point me in the direction of a site where the Unded is explained?

    Again, thanks in advance for any help.
    Greets, Markus
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    Default Re: Editing original campaign maps

    Shoot, double post. Sorry!

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    Well, bit of a late reply,.... but in case you haven't figured it out yet and still want to:

    The editors have a separate folder for level files, so you don't accidentally change the main campaign files. You'll have to move the files from the editor folder to your game.

    So for example from D:\Dungeon Keeper\Editor\Levels to D:\Dungeon Keeper\Levels, or D:\KeeperFX\Levels.

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    Default Re: Editing original campaign maps

    And make sure you remove the "read only" tag from the level files.

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