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Thread: 10 best community maps

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    Lightbulb Community maps worth playing

    On the KeeperFX website, there are almost 300 standalone maps listed, and many more maps in map packs. On this forum there is also a map list and a subforum. Dungeon Keeper is a game that's still played over 15 years after release, but it came - counting the Deeper Dungeon expansion - with a mere 35 maps.

    It is good to know which of the community made maps are considered good or great, and which ones are best to be left alone. When you play a user made map, please share in this topic the name of the map(s) you played, a short description, if they were any good and why, how difficult they are, and if they have any problems.

    If you want to know how to play them, take a look at the wiki.
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    No takers I see,...

    Well, I'll try some and share my experiences.

    414 Vangloria

    It is a very basic map, but well made. I say it's worth playing, but not memorable. You are attacked quite quickly by some parties of mid-level wizards and dwarves which could wipe you out if not well prepared. If you manage to beat that it is sailing towards an easy victory. The map looks fine and has some objective texts. Only issue is found that one party spawns without a tunneler.

    202 Summoner's Wrath

    Quite some effort went into this map and it shows. However, the result is not too my taste as it is quite strange. Everything looks good, and a story is told through the objective texts, which I appreciate. Some people might really enjoy this, but the lowpoint for me was a fight between my massive army of lvl 10 vampires, and 5 enemy creatures modified through the script to be almost invincible, which I won without casualties but it gave me the opportunity to knit a sweater in the meantime. Some minor script issues, like loss-condition you are not told about, and the possibility to get the 'You have won the realm' message before you've actually won. Not too difficult, multiple campaign levels are easier.

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    Minotaur's Maze was quite a good level as well. Despite the title being a red flag for most fanmade maps, it was actually quite a well-constructed scenario, with it feeling like an actual labyrinth.
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    All the levels in Burdened Imp were all pretty good, but haven't bothered with any others so far since from what I heard, most aren't so great.

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    BTW, what was the point of the specials in Summoner's Wrath if you couldn't access them without cheats?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hades View Post
    BTW, what was the point of the specials in Summoner's Wrath if you couldn't access them without cheats?
    I think it was just for looks.

    242 Lord of the Flies

    It starts out interesting, but I lost and have no plans to load my save or try again. It has too many issues to recommend.
    As you start out you can't build or create any imps. You have a single fly and imp, but you quickly gain 12 flies and can build a barracks. Using that - even though in KeeperFX creature fear doesn't work well and you can't actually attack the weak heroes you're supposed too - you can gain the ability to build and research. After that, it's all downhill. As soon as you claim an enemy room the lord of the land approaches with a massive force while you just have what's left of your flies and perhaps your first warlock or something and all you can do is quickly sell your single slap of bridge they spawn next too, or reload your save.
    I managed to build up my dungeon a bit, but soon the enemy keeper digs into the heroes dungeon and gets destroyed. You'll then receive a second 'The LotL has arrived' message, which comes with an avatar and many level 10 heroes that spawn right in your dungeon, more then powerful enough to kill you. Other hero parties spawned across the map in case my 20 level 5 creatures would have been able to destroy the avatar and his elite squad.

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    Anther problem is that it uses two codes that have a tendency to clash, making the level unplayable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hades View Post
    Anther problem is that it uses two codes that have a tendency to clash, making the level unplayable.
    Which one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    Which one?
    Lord of the Flies.
    or that is the question

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    401 Survival Portal

    When you start the level, you immediately win due to a script-error. You face off against 3 rival keepers, but since the game ends right away they won't do anything. As a quick fix I tried added the computer players to the level script but that didn't do it.
    Looking at the level it seems really easy to abuse, you can claim a few powerful level 10 creatures right away and get a 'Multiply creatures special', where the rival keepers start with no dungeon and have to fight over access to a portal. Seems like the script error just saves you 5 minutes of your time.

    216 Piranis 2

    Piranis 2 isn't a sequel of Piranis 1, but the easier of two versions. Although the level certainly has its faults, I've enjoyed this level a lot more then the other ones so far. I really liked that it is quite different from the usual levels, but still has the DK feel.
    You start out with a 'reveal map' special, which reveals a map completely filled with hero pockets attached to some pockets of gold. You have to build your dungeon in the small spaces between them, but are forced to decide which pockets to open as you run out of gold.
    After the careful beginnings you can claim a single, small prison which you can't expand upon, but at this point there are loads and loads of heroes coming in through hero portals challenging you to walk the thin line between using the prison to bolster your forces and facing countless prison breaks.
    A small design flaw is that there are neutral creatures on the map to claim, but most of them are on unclaimed land, and with the reveal map special you can drop your imps anywhere on unclaimed land and claim those neutral creatures right from the start. Also, the ingame objective does not tell you what you have to do to win: Defeat all heroes on the map.

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