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Thread: Community maps worth playing

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    644 Cold Day in Hell

    Due to problems with level design, enemy bases are completely revealed to the user (probably originally intended to be a deathmatch map), and the AI keepers are laughable. They don't try to exploit their resources or train their armies.

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    237 Epiphany Catacombes

    This is a fairly straightforward map. In the center there are three allied keepers with massive dungeons/rooms, and you are on the other side of water free to research all spells/rooms save the scavenger room. They have a massive advantage, so if they would have been configured to actually try to attack you, you'd be dead before you can attract your first creature. Instead they do more or less nothing and wait for you to either use invisible speed imps to claim/sell all their rooms, or train up until stronger and take them out one by one. When the first one is defeated the others are hopelessly outclassed of course because you have just converted a whole bunch of creatures. I preferred 233 over this one.

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    400 "Flaming Heck"

    Quite a good map, where you have to fight through the hero base to reach your rival, but you aren't overwhelmed, nor is there the need for a trap disposal dragon. Only problem is, when the LotL is summoned, the game instavictories due to glitching out.
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    238 Longhorn Reach

    Clearly a lot of effort went into this map, but I have not managed to enjoy it. I simply don't know how to beat the start of the level. I think the point is to use a possessed dragon to kill some high level heroes, but I always suck a FP-combat and in nightly I'm playing the first-person dragon damage has been toned down a bit, so I had to give up. Worth a try if you think you can beat the start.

    240 Juliana

    Clearly not a lot of effort went into this map. This map seems to be made with frameskip in mind, it takes ages before you get creatures from the portal. My first attempt I lost, a hero party dug north of me, blue stole the gold south and when I ran out of gold I had just a few weak creatures that could not hope to beat the hero party that attacked me when I dug out. On my second attempt blue left my gold alone and I walled out the heroes so I had gems and a portal. Creatures came really slow, so I turned frameskip up until I was strong enough to finish blue and white off. Plus I always dislike it if all the rock walls are square and unnatural looking.

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    Longhorn Reach is possible. There's some extra creatures lying around. Or you can just gate in a There's also a weird bug that causes the game to crash when you attack the second keeper after killing the other.
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    241 Wandering Orcs

    This map has many similarities to 240. Both made by Dayokay, both attract creatures slowly, and neither of them are made to look pretty. This one plays better though, as creature attract half as slow and there is something to do while you wait. You have gold to make enough imps and can get orcs to get a running start. I claimed all the orcs right away which attracted a powerful hero party, forcing me to quickly get the rest of the orcs and use the increase level specials I found much earlier than I wanted. After that the level is really straightforward, you have to wait for blue to get enough creatures to get a bridge. When you do you can either attack blue or the heroes, but as you have gems, prison and torture room you can't really lose this.

    243 The Shao-Lin Temple

    The last map of Dayokay, this is the best of the four. Simple but effective, although nothing special. Creatures enter at a normal rate and the map looks a bit better too. Some negatives are that he used a custom text.dat (I didn't use it) so the objectives didn't show for me, but more importantly of the three keepers you are supposed to face, only two are functional. The third one isn't defined in the script (although the rest of the script is prepared for it), so it doesn't do anything.
    What remains though, is that you with a portal limit of 25, just 2 sides of gems and no heroes on the map to bolster your army, have to fight 2 allied keepers with 40 mostly strong creatures each. If you fight them on their terms you will lose. When you've got them almost beat the level can take a while because you don't have CTA and they have massive dungeons.

    I'm skipping 244 The Realm of Salaar, as that map is already included in the ancient keeper campaign.

    248 Injustitia

    I don't get the point of this map and it doesn't help that it doesn't come with an objective. The level starts out with a lot of hidden pre-dugout rooms, 2 hero dwarfs and a neutral mistress you should claim before the dwarfs attack you. When you continue you quickly find a hidden neutral reaper and after that a rival keeper with lots of gold but just a single low level orc(that can't beat your reaper). Now you have lots of gold, gems and a reaper. There are powerful heroes in the center of the map, but no reason to attack them. North is the blue keeper you should kill, which you can do with your reaper and a second one hidden north and spamming the heal spell, the end.
    Worth mentioning that I thought my game was bugged, but looking at the script I found most of your creatures are set to not train beyond level 4.

    249 Ashfordania

    A lot of effort went into this map, and it starts out fun. Unfortunately it has a complex layout with lots of small patches of water and lava, which causes the pathfinding bug appear. I played it in 0.4.6 and only 20 minutes in the game froze.
    If in a future version the pathfinding bug is fixed, this is a map worth having a second look at. -> Played it again in Unofficial r2019 with the pathfinding bug fixed.

    I played the map, and it certainly is a cut above the average user made map. The map is extensively scripted and has been given a complex layout. There's a lot to critique as well though, on my first try I went north-east first and apparently triggered an action point that made an army of level 10 samurai and other heroes invade that was larger than my army of low level dragons and insects at the time. On a fresh attempt I went east instead and was never really challenged. As soon as I got a prison I could pick off the many small pockets of heroes and convert or skeleton them and even the large hero parties were never much of a problem. There was enough to do on the map that it never went boring though.
    What would be better is if the objective told me I had to defeat blue. Blue is your ally so this is not obvious at all. Also there are many things that suddenly happen trough the script that you don't know how/what or why. Many units have a max-level at first, but that stops at some point for example. I also got access to new research without knowing how I managed that.

    251 A-mazing

    This level isn't amazing, but it isn't bad either. The center has a maze, but that hardly effects how this level plays out since you don't have to do it first person and there aren't (m)any annoying traps in there. What's left is a basic map where you can build up your dungeon in peace with gems available. You'll only find a prison much later. Unfortunately the mapmaker has underestimated how powerful you can become before you'll make your way towards your rival. In total ten lvl 3-5 heroes are spawned as the final party, that could have been taken out with just one or two of my lvl10 reapers, but I had 45 creatures, most of them lvl 10. I don't know what the 20 creatures were that blue keeper had, he died before I could see them.
    If you'd like to play an easy map to play(comparable to lvl 5-10 of the main campaign) this one isn't a bad choice.

    252 Tempus Fugit

    Like 254 Titan(see earlier post) this map is made by Kontrare. It is another good map, a bit slow to start, but certainly worth playing. You start with a fully build dungeon and all your research complete, some gold to mine and a massive workshop that produced magic doors and lightning traps. After a little while you are continuously attacked by endless hero parties. You have destroy the hero heart for them to stop, but you have to use CTA or (barracked)possession to get there, while trying not to get killed by heroes back home. Besides dealing with the heroes a core challenge on the map for me was trying to not have my biles and skeletons kill each other.
    Afterwards after checking the script I noticed why it started so slow,... the parties spawn when key heroes are killed and I did not kill but capture them, allowing me to train a long time before anything happened(I only converted the heroes when I reached the portal limit). This problem could easily be fixed by using the new KeeperFX command 'IF_CONTROLS' to start the timers when the heroes are killed OR captured. The map could also have used a starting objective.

    I'm skipping 261 DoMiNaToR because the mapmaker says in the description the level is unstable. I see no reason to doubt him. Perhaps try after pathfinding bug is solved.

    262 2nd Assault 1, A Way In

    A straightforward map, the entire map is water save from the red and blue dungeons. You have the basic 4 rooms and the bridge and gems. You can attract 3 creatures(Bile Demons are the best you can attract with these rooms), blue 5 heroes. No magic, nothing else. Should not take you long.
    What's strange is that there is a story in the description, one that is supposed to continue in the next two '2nd Assault' maps, but this isn't added as an ingame objective.

    263 2nd Assault 2, The Catiber River

    Like the last one, the story is in the description on the download page, not as an ingame objective. And like the last game you face a rival keeper that only has heroes with nothing else on the map. There is a transfer creature special on the map, so clearly these 3 maps are supposed to be a campaign. This could easily be done, but based on the first two this is certainly not worthwhile,...
    Of the two enemy keepers one quickly kills the other, leaving him with 20 heroes and you have gems and can train 25 creatures(including horned reapers). There's nothing else on the map, and as you can easily out-train your rival you can't lose.

    264 2nd Assault 3, Deep Freeze

    This map is divided in two parts. To the south you are protected by bedrock on all sides. To the north are two hero parties without a goal and again a keeper with only heroes. Not only is the map boring, it doesn't work well at all because the game(both keeperfx and the original game) can't handle a secondary dungeon not connected to the dungeon hearth. Doesn't matter though, like before you can simply train up until you decide to kill blue. Nothing can happen to you because of the bedrock. Unexpectedly, this map has an objective warning you about lord butthead, which doesn't have anything to do with neither the map nor the description. Don't play this map.

    280 Mount Dragoon

    The description says this map is published by DzjeeAr, don't know if he also made it, but it is a whole lot better than the map packs of his that are included in KeeperFX. DzjeeAr has 95 maps in the map database, so it could very well be that he his later ones are better than the early ones.
    The map is very nicely build, looks pretty though it lacks an objective. However, it suffers the same flaw that afflicts so many, even though you can't build prisons you'll claim them and with gems and a torture room that means that from every enemy encounter your army grows. When I had 150 creatures I decided to turn imprisonment off. The final wave consisted of several avatars and a knight with boosted stats(this also meant my Knight had boosted stats), positioned on islands you couldn't bridge to, but they simply got smashed by my massively superior numbers.
    So if you have enough of maps where you are super-overpowered, avoid this one. If you like to play them, this is a good choice. You don't spend your time fighting, but trying to build a dungeon massive enough to support all those creatures.

    282 Valley of Guardians

    On this map you can build all rooms and research all spells. A little to the east of your starting location, on the other side of lava are lots of gems, guarded by some heroes, more than you can take in a straight battle. Once you manage to cross this little hurdle the map is more or less over. It is the usual Prison+Torture combo that makes you super overpowered, but this time you also have a scavenger room and the hero fortress is not only filled with heroes you can scavenge but also creatures like vampires and horned reapers that would gladly join us and come with us.
    When you have enough of this routine you have a big enough army to waltz over the entire hero dungeon without looking, but if you doubt that you could use the duplicate creature special to reach the creature limit.
    For a map with the 'overpowered room' problem it is a good map, it looks fine and there are some objectives.

    283 Mt Kilauea

    From the same author as 282, you again have gems and all rooms and spells to research. This time it looked to be more interesting because you have very limited space, not enough to support a large army so you would have to prioritize. This time no hero fortress, but two rival keepers.
    However, it is broken. I played it in KeeperFX 0.4.6 and after a few minutes heroes managed to kill both keepers.

    291 Ian's First

    Somebody should've told Ian that if you make a map for the first time, you don't have to share it. If it fails, try something else, don't put it on the internet. I think Ian wanted to the heroes to have a dungeon, use the rooms, attract heroes through portal, everything. This doesn't work. The result is a bad map. It would have suffered from 'powerful room syndrome' with gems/prison/torture readily available, but I did not bother to turn imprisonment on. The avatars that were supposed to join white, now joined me, so I had 6 avatars and 4 reapers from my temple before I even reached my portal limit. Blue had a powerful army and had already destroyed the white dungeon, but there's not much that can stand up to an army of reapers and avatars, so I just cast CTA on the blue hearth and waited for the victory.

    292 Dan's Level One

    Dan's first attempt is worse. Perhaps I'm missing something, but I think this is unbeatable. You start with 0 gold and 0 rooms so you can't sell anything. I've checked the map and there is plenty of gold hidden for the player, without a treasure room that doesn't help you. The starting objective does say you have no gold, so this part is no mistake,....
    Beyond this it doesn't look like we're missing much anyway.

    293 Fox In The Snow

    Another poorly tested map, the blue keeper has a disconnected dungeon, so it does not function well as imps don't mine and creatures are assigned to rooms where they starve to death. Beyond this error a basic map, just two sides of gems prevent you from becoming all too powerful, but you're attacked by just a few hero parties, and even if blue wasn't broken he had no advantage so he would have died swiftly.
    To top it all off, the part of the blue dungeon that had the hearth was walled of and with no 'destroy walls' spell the level cannot be won.

    294 Brassmelt Cave

    They could have named this one 'Frameskip'. It looks nice, but there's no script and no challenge, a blank canvas if you will. You get 30 creatures from your portal, have more gems than you can ever need and again all the rooms. This time you can't become overpowered with the prison though, because the massive hero fortress to the north contains just 6 heroes. Also lots of traps and doors, but as you come past the dungeon hearth first they all disappear. When white is gone you can take on blue, who also has 30 creatures. I just cast CTA on his hearth and he was gone in the time it took my creatures to walk over there. I may have taken some of his best creatures with my scavenger room, and used my temple to get several reapers.

    297 Boruta Nightma(re?)

    This is a map where you start with some big disadvantages to overcome, and this will go slowly. You can research a temple, prison and torture room, but no scavenger. The graveyard that's there for you can't be claimed due to a mistake from the mapmaker. Your rival does get a scavenger room, more creatures, vampires and plenty of gold, while you have some Gems that are hardly accessible leaving you to work for income and pray to not be scavenged. You can slowly but surely add tentacles to your army, which you should use to capture the avatar, which should spawn hero parties which should help you kill yellow.
    However, as this is a water-focused map, which are vulnerable to the pathfinding bug, my game froze moments before taking attacking the avatar. If you like to slowly turn a situation around to your advantage, you'll have to wait until the pathfinding bug is fixed to play this.

    303 ColourOfMagic

    An instant victory when you start the map because player_good is defined as a computer player. I took that line out and included the objectives that were commented out and the map played fine. You can't build anything, you have 8 high level warlocks and you have to destroy the hero dungeon hearth a little to the east. On the way you'll face wizards, fairies, monks and boulders. This map can be done first person, third person or a combination of both.

    305 Sophies level

    Sophie likes straight lines and dug out your dungeon for you, which does give this map some flavor. But, this is yet another map with prison+torture+gems. About 200 heroes are placed on this map, and you get a reveal map special so you know where to dig, so you can slowly but surely convert all the heroes on this map. The heroes are all level 10 and strong, knights, samurai, giants, even a few avatars, but in small groups they cannot harm you. By the time I had 130 creatures I had lost just 4.
    The map does end with a giant fight though, there's a hero pocket filled with dozens of reapers and fairies, which could force you to pay attention (and for example kill them all with boulder traps) but instead this map gives you 2 multiply creature specials. Unfortunately that would have me triple the creature limit so I just cast Armageddon and used them when I lost some creatures.
    If you like hero fortresses and converting heroes, this could be a map for you.

    307 Keepers end

    This map gets going straight away. After the initial fight you quickly have to build a dungeon for all the creatures you have and mine gold to support them. Because of the lvl10 Warlocks/Dragons you'll have all rooms researched quickly, there's plenty of gems around and 80 creatures will join you from the portal. I used my temple to get loads of Reapers and Mistresses, but the level is mostly over now because of the prison/torture/gems combo. There's not much to do, a small hero fortress and a rival keeper.
    What didn't help is that I was playing on the latest stable nightly where there's a bug keepers low on gold don't mine and the blue keeper here starts low on gold,... Wouldn't have made that much difference though, you just grow too powerful too easily.

    I'm skipping 308 Bunnyjoy because this level is already part of an included campaign.

    309 Avenger D'Nerzel

    The map looks pretty and has objectives, and it contains a bit of script. The starting dungeon is interesting. Unfortunately those are all the positives. Nothing happens on the map until you decide to attack the hero fortress, so you could frameskip until your army is level 10. You have gems, prison and torture room so taking over the fortress would have been very easy,... if there wasn't a script error causing infinite heroes to spawn breaking the map as soon as you enter the fortress.

    311 Happytown

    One of the few maps that follow the bullfrog convention of giving the level the 'happy' name of before your reign of darkness begins. Beyond that the level is forgettable. There's nothing wrong with it, natural looking, objectives, some gems, all rooms and spells, destroy the white and blue dungeons to win. Can't go wrong if you know your way around a prison.

    802 Steve First

    Steve Tupper has quite a few maps in the database, this being the first he made. The objectives indicate that he wants you to win by using the Armageddon spell. You're separated from your 4 opponents by walls, but unbeknownst to Steve when you claim path next to wall it will turn to dirt if it is just random wall. This allows you to use your gems/prison/torture combo to take them down one by one. What makes this map even easier is that there are a lot of insects in the pool and you have a temple so mistresses, but you face rival keepers with mostly beetles and spiders. I did cast Armageddon and won.

    315 Explore Crazy

    This is campaign map 19 modified by a crazy person. The description says it is harder and the exploits are gone, but this is not true. Everything that made lvl19 unique (e.g. no training room, no skeletons, push out for gems) is gone. You start out with gems, quickly get a training room, the blue keeper is not configured so doesn't do anything and the layout is changed for the worse. All exploits (temple, scavenger room) are still in and more are added. The mapmaker also played with Adikted advanced features to get some glitches on the map.
    Don't play this level.

    320 Raven's Blood

    This map seems to have little to it, you versus 2 rival keepers. The description says it is painstakingly tested, so I assume that it is intentional that after 18 minutes of play a hero party spawns indefinitely.
    Maps broken, don't play it. Easy fix but not worth it.

    322 Realm of Salvi

    This map is from before deeper dungeons was released, and comes with a replacement text file. The ingame objectives you'll miss are actually quite important, key among which is a hint that if you get 4 trolls you get a temple, and on this map you can only get insects from the portal. Without this hint you are surely to kill the only 4 trolls on the map leaving you to fight a keeper with bile demons and dragons with only spiders and beetles.
    Without this, I can't say I particularly enjoyed this level, but at least it is unique. It does rely on frameskip and at the beginning also on reloading your save.

    336 Battle of Midway

    This map starts out really strong and interesting. Very little gold, no portal, but a lot of choices on how to proceed. It is quite challenging, more difficult than the levels I did, but not as difficult as the undead keeper maps. I had to reload a few times though because sometimes things happen you didn't expect. After a little while you'll have cleared the guarded center and you'll have access to a prison, torture room and a workshop to sustain you. At this point the quality starts to drop off, with those rooms available you can decide to start taking on heroes or the blue keeper and feed your prison. After a while you'll face several avatars and knights, but they'll end up in your prison. There's some annoying trap placement, and I think the massive army that spawns at some point and giant rooms you take over are a bit overkill.
    Overall though, certainly one of the better maps out there.

    337 Dragonpeak

    Start by claiming the dungeon you're in, quite soon you'll be attacked by heroes and they will keep coming for a while. However, among the starting rooms is a prison and the torture room is the first thing you'll research and you'll get enough time to patiently convert all the heroes to your side. I however chose to go with a skeleton army this time and just converted the healing heroes and lvl 10 thieves. You'll get some gems but the only limiting factor is that you can't build a treasure room on this map.
    After a while the parties stop coming, and apparently this is the time to hunt for the remaining hero pockets on the map and feed them to your prison. When you've killed everything the final party will come shortly, about 25 mid-level heroes that will try to kill your 150+ lvl 10 army.(There's lot of increase level specials on the map).
    In short, a very average hero invasion map, it works fine but from the midgame onward too easy because of the overpowered rooms.

    350 Quick one

    This resembles a map where somebody is just trying out the map editor. You start out with 5 max level avatars and access to tunnels to the white dungeon heart. You'll have to use an imp to dig out dirt between you and the dungeon hearth, then kill the heart with an avatar or any other creature to win. You won't fight anything on this map.
    There's also a blue keeper, but he is not specified in the script so he doesn't work. This map is best simply removed from the database.

    351 Ellriah

    Apart from moments at the beginning where frameskip is required and some annoying traps this is a pretty good level. The first part of the level you have vampires, no imp spell and no access to gold and you have to carefully claim some rooms, kill heroes until you get to the gems and portal. Frameskip until you are well trained and the best part of the map begins: You have to face a rival keeper who's more powerful than you, and you have to try to get to the prison and get some heroes to your cause without provoking this keeper. He'll try to attack you constantly so reinforcing and building traps and doors is a must. When you think you're strong enough or are attacked kill him.
    After this part you'll face another keeper but he should fall right away to your now more powerful army.

    1226 Controlled Demolition

    Quite some effort went into this level, which contains a rival keeper, a hero base and scripted assaults by even more heroes. The author has made some optical illusions with Adikted, which I dislike, however on the whole it is quite fun to play. It could have been a difficult map, because you've just got some beetles, warlocks and orcs and Blue has lots of bile demons and the hero party is massive and high level. What happened though was that Blue dug into a major hero pocket and was defeated, allowing me to capture the stragglers. Now in control of gems and all the powerful rooms the rest was simply mopping up with my by now huge army of lvl10 monks and a few avatars.
    We did learn however that 9-11 was an inside job, that's always good to know. Still, if you realize you can use the bridge to get past the illusions it's certainly one to play.
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    1226 Controlled Demolition

    Quite some effort went into this level, which contains a rival keeper, a hero base and scripted assaults by even more heroes. The author has made some optical illusions with Adikted, which I dislike, however on the whole it is quite fun to play. It could have been a difficult map, because you've just got some beetles, warlocks and orcs and Blue has lots of bile demons and the hero party is massive and high level. What happened though was that Blue dug into a major hero pocket and was defeated, allowing me to capture the stragglers. Now in control of gems and all the powerful rooms the rest was simply mopping up with my by now huge army of lvl10 monks and a few avatars.
    We did learn however that 9-11 was an inside job, that's always good to know. Still, if you realize you can use the bridge to get past the illusions it's certainly one to play.
    Thank you.
    I scripted it in such a way, that the bridge become available to Player1 only after it gets claimed from Player0.
    As long as Blue does not claim your bridge, it is impossible for Blue and the Hero monks to engage in a fight.

    I've play tested Controlled Demolition with several strategies.
    I don't have to many problems with Heroes destroying the Blue Dungeon, because the Heroes parties are much stronger than the army of player0, making it impossible to beat without being smart, in one way or another. There are several ways to win the map, but you will loose every head on attack.

    The Orcs-Bile Demos idea was from a level made by Dzjeear, Orcs Die, that he made after he bullied me, over preferring Orcs over Bile Demons in my Dungeons.
    Dzjeear must have been 16 years back than, I was about 40 years old. He made his first campaign as a child, and I liked his original approach to the game. Orcs Die is a boring level, he just made it to bully me. Controlled Demolition was my answer, where Orcs defeat these Bile Demons. I still believe Orcs are better in Workshops than Bile Demons, also because they train fast to level 5, where they produce more traps thanks to the speed spell. Back than, Dzjeear was not able to win level 20 in the original campaign, which will explain some off his original approach. A child coding a complete dungeon keeper campaign, including the secrets levels, including not being able to win level 20, I was very impressed with his genius. Wonder boy Dzjeear.

    Mefistoteles also helped with Controlled Demolition, he tested it during the previous Keeperklan forum.
    He told me to change the Portal nonsense, because the game would hang when mefistoteles would walk to the than open side of the map.
    I solved that by making a wall there, but maybe I should have destroyed all the portal nonsense, because with a closed wall the mystery of the drawing was mostly disappeared, making it not more than nonsense indeed. My idea was, creatures coming into the map from the side, but with a wall there this illusion disappears. Thinking back, maybe a door there would save the idea of having creatures come from some corner rather than from a portal... At that time, I could not come up with some idea to redo the design, after I had closed the side of the map with an enforced wall that can not be penetrated.

    The monks there are very very strong, although I just increased their health. They have the heal spell, according to the documentation monks also heal creatures around them, and they have the speed spell, because the Heroes are set up to be AI having spells. Speed also makes it possible for the monks to use their healing faster, much force is needed to take them out. For the story, they are based on the Jesuit Order in the conspiracy, where Avatar off course is a knight of Malta. There is one level 1 neutral monk posing as some Martin Luther, that walks around some where in the north of the map.

    Testemfil, discussed earlier in this thread, was also made by me.
    I didn't find it on my page at, not sure where it is posted.
    I am off course grateful that mefistotoles saved all my work, but there are many mistakes in the descriptions with his uploads.

    From an earlier post on topic in this thread:

    Maps that I would make recommend to play, would be Castle22, Ygdras drink. Maybe Watergate. Controlled Demolition is also very fun to play, but once played it one time, playing it more often gets boring, and it needs some tricks to win it in an easy manner. Normandy is also fun, but may be hard also if you dig the wrong way the first time. Castle22 is the most fun level I made, in my opinion, because I could play is many times without getting bored. I use some knowledge of the script however to play it, I am not sure whether other people also have fun in that map. I don't like to play Castle22 when the Keeper gets awake to quickly, because if it gets a chance to grow it becomes very strong.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++
    Other fun fan made levels, mostly the ones from the 1990's. A list of maps that I like: Happytown, Walldowns, Juliana, A-mazing, Mount Dragoon, Valley of the Guardians, Cididal of Thieves, Dragonpeak. Also the levels by Steve, that I mailed a lot with when I made websites about maps. Pirates, Dragon Whelps, great maps. Hot Keeper I also like.

    Saying this, most of the maps I made I find to hard also. If I would have a saying in it now, I would make all parties smaller, all AI Keepers with less max creates, and take out the maps that are not stable.
    Among the lists of my maps, there are two that I didn't build, Orcs Die that was made by Dzjeear, and Radioactive Good that was made by Steve Tupper.

    Steve Tupper made the most funny maps, in my opinion.
    If you have ever played Dragon Whelps, or Pirates, you will understand what I mean. Dragon Whelps is emotional to play, like raising a familiy. Pirates has all the suggestions given by Yourmaster, keeps the player busy and has a nice dividing of strength in opponents, Gold and personal army.

    I also played some maps by Mothrayas that I liked a lot, but he hasn't made much maps. This one is currently one of my favorites.
    I don't exactly understand why I don't like Duke Ragereaver maps, I always skip them when I look for a map to play.

    Some Japanese maps I highly admire because of the way they are drawn and scripted, Twin Keepers, but they are made to hard to be a fun game to play. I played them though, just to get impressed by the beauty of the Twin Keeper maps, awe some.
    Nikolai's Castles are completely unstable, every level goes to hang.
    Kiefs levels are horrible, much to hard. Can be won off course, after much irritating losses and looking for gold, but I do not have any desire to try.

    A good script is important. Strong stories, as in Steve Tuppers maps, create a nice experience.
    I uploaded a map today, that still was not on line before, I think it will be fun for map makers to play in order to see some new technical possibilities.

    Dominator is stable, it is made by Dzjeear, and it is a nice map, although not one off my favorites. I played it many times without hanging, although is will hang if there are to many traps off course.
    Gainer is also made by Dzjeear, it's all training for a large fight around the Heroes dungeon again.

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    Default Re: 10 best community maps

    Quote Originally Posted by 0etelaer View Post
    I still believe Orcs are better in Workshops than Bile Demons, also because they train fast to level 5, where they produce more traps thanks to the speed spell.

    Castle22 is the most fun level I made, in my opinion, because I could play is many times without getting bored. I use some knowledge of the script however to play it, I am not sure whether other people also have fun in that map. I don't like to play Castle22 when the Keeper gets awake to quickly, because if it gets a chance to grow it becomes very strong.
    You're right, Orcs are better for the Workshop than Bile Demons. They have the same 'Skill', but Orcs gain the speed spell that boost productivity. They also train faster so they reach higher levels sooner, which again boosts productivity. And they also walk through your dungeon faster and spend fewer time in the Hatchery so they spend more time working.

    Based on your recommendation I gave the map a try:

    1224 Castle22

    I liked this map. I have to say though there's some room for improvement. You start the level with access to gems, can research all rooms save the prison and scavenger rooms and you can get everything from your portal, including Horned Reapers and ingredients for the temple(more reapers and mistresses). This makes for quite a dull/slow start as the best approach is to wait for everything to train.
    When I was done waiting around I dug north, but the KeeperFX pathfinding drew all my imps to a locked door which spawned massive hero parties. I was overconfident, engaged and lost most of my creatures. Giving up this first try I decided to leave the southern entrance to the hero fortress alone and enter from the west. I think this is something I wasn't supposed to do as it allowed me to conquer the hero fortress and claim a prison without ever spawning the big defensive parties or activate the green keeper.
    What's very important though is that the map continued to provide somewhat of a challenge even though you had gems and a prison because you can't build a bigger prison and have very little gems and a big expensive army. This means you can't easily convert everything to your cause and are busy handling prison breaks and angry creatures so it remains interesting. You'll face a lot of heroes.
    What was unfortunate is that you don't win when you beat both the hero dungeon and the green dungeon. Luckily I eventually found a reveal map special hidden and noticed a hero party had spanned walled of behind my dungeon which I had to kill to win.

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    You call Syndikat good, but I think it's insane. The hero waves don't stop. Sometimes I get multiple waves. I try to save the heroes I get to start with but if I'm not careful (and it's hard to carry everything to safety when you need to control your imps and hellhounds, but I can't keep up with the training.

    I'd love to see a video of someone completing this map, because I cant do it.

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    Default Re: 10 best community maps

    It was a rather difficult map, I agree. It has been a while, but I believe I made sure the heroes spawning a little below your heart couldn't get to me easily, and I used traps to kill them, so I did not suffer attrition against the infinite waves. I kept this up until the one-time parties were all gone.

    Hellhounds you can keep in your workshop when you're done training them, or on guard posts, so they don't wander off.

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