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Thread: Community maps worth playing

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    Default Re: 10 best community maps

    1106 Xegnar

    really nice and quite challenging exploration map. it is definietly worth playing, really. i won't write more about it not to spoil anything, just play it

    it also has a little story, which is nice accent.

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    Default Re: 10 best community maps

    I played 2 levels yesterday and today. Reporting.

    Prescora War
    The first level made by Oetelaer. It’s a map with you in one corner and the enemy Keeper in the other with groups of (powerful) Heroes in and around the gold that runs diagonally. Its an easy level. Despite the low creature limit, you get powerful fast because of the many neutral Creatures, powerful rooms (prison, graveyard, torture chamber), starting gems, obtainable Horned Reapers and Double Creatures special. Just stay away from the gold at the start. I did get caught off-guard when the Lord of the Land spawned with Horned Reapers and Samurai, but at that point I was far too powerful.

    Ygdras drink
    Another map made by Oetelaer. This map sees you the Green Keeper versus Blue who has a defensive advantage and a higher Creature limit. You will lose when your ally dies. However, this will not be much of a concern since Blue’s creatures tend to be undertrained. A large conflict will not happen fast because both Green and Blue cannot build bridges. The rest of the map is rather empty with few surprises. Just watch out for the boulder traps when you try to invade Blue. Overall an easy and calm map.

    Dungeon Keeper I campaign: Undead Keeper
    Download it here!

    Dungeon Keeper I campaign: Post Undead Keeper
    Download it here!

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    Default Re: 10 best community maps


    A fantastic level where you have to fight your way through a sprawling hero base before you confront the blue Keeper. except, it suffers from the Temple Problem (Get 7-8 and you've practically won the damn level).
    or that is the question

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    It's been a while since I played a map.

    727 Blue Water Pass

    I forgot I gotten to the huge list of DzjeeAr maps. Same template, massive end-game parties with hugely powerful knights. There's a keeper on this map though, and if I hadn't walled in in time I would have been squashed. That said, you start with gems and can attract 40 creatures from the portal, get reapers from the temple, vampires from the graveyard and you even find a small prison on the map, so you'll have no trouble beating this map.

    803 Steve's War

    I skipped past the rest of the DzjeeAr maps, and reached a long list of 'Tupper' maps, this one made by Steve Tupper. This map should be named 'Steve's temple abuse', or perhaps 'Steve's love for hounds', because those are the two options you've got. You can get just one of each creature type, but you get them immediately. So as soon as you get a temple you can keep sacrificing insects for as many warlocks/biles/mistresses as you want, or go for horned reapers instead. When you build a scavenger room you will get countless hell hounds, the only unit there's lots of in the pool. You basically fill up immediately to 100 units if you don't quickly sell your scavenger.
    There's a lava lake, and below there's quite a bit of heroes, which are the only enemy units on the map. Either build up a strong army (there's gems and all the time in the world) or let the heroes up in smaller parties by building and selling the bridge for a very easy victory.
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    Default Re: 10 best community maps

    How the hell am I supposed to beat the Blue Water Pass when an unstoppable Hero army rains down on me?
    or that is the question

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    I believe the hero armies are triggered by reaching action points, and for me everything was very easy, so probably you dug out too far before you became strong. I did not confront the heroes before I had taken out blue, and got the blue prison. I quickly reinforced that and put a door so it could hold a respectable number of heroes, and made sure to quickly pick them up from there and straight into my huge torture room so for the final huge wave of heroes I had a huge army with many samurai in addition to my own legion of biles, dragons, vampires and reapers.

    I did get attacked by a few high level hero-parties earlier on, that did do a bit of damage, but I had more than enough biles, reapers and dragons well trained at that point.

    804 Dragon Lords

    This map has a scripting error causing you to lose right away. An easy fix, change 'IF_AVAILABLE(PLAYER0,KNIGHT == 0)' into 'IF(PLAYER0,KNIGHT == 0)' to play it.
    The premise of this map is to decide which of your 4 rivals you take on first to get the powerful rooms. They are each quite powerful, and you don't have much to gain an advantage. However, the tactical genius that I was I just bridged my enemies together and had them kill each other before mopping up the survivor. But because in KeeperFX the enemies are quit good with bridging towards you, the map was not that bad at all.
    I think it would have been better if the keepers were allied or unable to attack each other, and you would gain the ability to actually build the rooms of the conquered keeper.

    805 Farl Thorga

    Farl Thorga is a full gold map, but on this one the enemy at least has a pre-constructed base. The map is fully functional, but really easy. Since the entire map is gold and you can even build a temple from the beginning you'll have a flying start. Insects come from the portal so I quickly completed research and got myself an lot of mistresses. Your enemy gets up to 50 dwarfs, you have a portal limit of 25 (and can go even higher because a few small hero parties spawn in your base and you have a prison) and you can get units lots stronger than dwarfs. Basically build a dungeon in a field of gold until you get bored and want to dig towards the other side of the map to kill the keeper.
    By the way, you also start with several increase level specials, to make sure that when you fight your enemy you won't have to lose a single unit. (I wonder how many low dwarfs it takes to kill a set of lvl 10 reapers.

    806 Winters Death

    Now this one is interesting, but it needs some polish. You don't have to build a dungeon, don't have a portal and start with a bunch of heroes (including a tunneler and a lvl1 avatar) and no create-imp spell. It almost looks like you need to finish this level in first person and leveling up the avatar, but you'd be much better off claiming stuff with your tunneler (and the single imp you find) and collect the dungeon specials on the map.
    Keeping your only two workers alive is most of the challenge and I actually used up all my resurrection specials to get them back. There's also a reveal map special you are expected to find and it helps a ton, but it also highlights the flaw,... you can now dig in complete safety, and use your destroy-walls spell to cheat your way through the large hero fortress that makes up the northern part of this map. You have all spells(except create imp) and start with a million gold so you could exploit this in many other ways as well. If you have the patience you could win by only casting lightning. I decided to go round back and take a prison, torture room and training room instead. I then lost my imp for the last time, and hated my tunneler so instead of training my units I decided to use my destroy walls spell to reach the heart room without fighting instead. When I got there a massive army appeared that would have killed me if I would not have destroyed to heart to win the game instead. Despite the flaws, still worth playing.

    807 Razon's Library

    This is a hero-invasion map where you get a huge head start. The level begins without the ability to build rooms or cast spells, so you are forced to dig out at random. You're helped a bit by the layout. Basically the entire map consists of huge neutral rooms for you, or hidden enemy spiders. To the east you'll find a 'plug' of gold, behind which you'll find the heroes. You'll also find a huge but unguarded library, with all spells, and countless level specials (including multiply creatures and reveal map). Creatures come from the portal instantaneously, and with the temple and gems that means you can choose whatever composition you want.
    Behind the hidden door you can then see a handful of level 10 heroes and several hero-gates telling you more will spawn. I mopped up all the spiders from the map and cleared out most of the other heroes by using 'Steal Hero' before duplicating my units. I cleared the final 4 heroes with just a small part of my 160 unit army. At which point I cleared the entire map, but did not win. Checking the script to see what to do, I found that clearing the plug just starts a 40 minute loop of 5 heroes attacking every two minutes. I could have easily beaten all 80 heroes at once, but had to wait 40 minutes to do so just 5 at a time. I just frameskipped and won.
    Again a quite interesting level from Steve that would have been a lot better by some polish. Fewer level specials, not needing to kill all spiders and not having to wait those 40 minutes would already be a huge improvement.
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    They Really, Really, REALLY need to cut down on the amount of hero armies in this level. It's fucking ridiculous that you have to walk on eggshells when in the Blue base lest a huge unstoppable hero army emerge and wipe you out completely at random. Extra Credits had talked of this being PUNISHING, not hard.
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    Well, you got me there, I don't think many gaming companies will pick up DzjeeAr as a designer based on is dungeon keeper maps.
    They all have these huge parties at the end of the levels, and they are never really that fun. I get why he does it, it's a problem with dungeon keeper as a whole that the player gets very overpowered and you need huge hero armies to fight that (and even that usually fails).

    I'm not arguing or disagreeing with you, and I did not do a full analysis of his level. I just played through it and shared my experience. I did not trigger an army early on, so when the army did come it was very, very easy. I did not know you could even trigger a large army early on. But when you share your experience, that is every bit as valid as mine and useful extra information. Of course it sucks if you get squashed with no proper warning.

    808 The Portal

    The Portal might just be the most boring DK map I have ever seen. You get walled-off space to build a dungeon to attract heroes through your portal including knights. Then there is a huge map with just nothing on it at all(not dirt, just empty floor), except for a temple. This temple is a trap, if you try to use it it will spawn countless lvl10 reapers. Other than that, nothing can really happen, you've got to wait for parties to spawn and attack you. When the parties do spawn, they don't matter at all compared to your huge army. I checked the script to see the wait: you've got to wait over 80 minutes for all 14 parties to spawn. In between there's nothing to do but frameskip. O, one more thing, in the edges a few hero units are hidden, nobody tells you this but they need to die for the map to be won.

    809 Chalice

    A bit of a silly map. The level doesn't look too good, it's 4 squares separated by lava and a very long path of gold that needs to be mined before you can reach your enemies. Some heroes can be attracted for no good reason and you can't build a bridge. There's a white dungeon heart somewhere in the lava as well, come near it and 3 avatars spawn at a completely different location that you don't need to kill.
    At the core it is a level against 3 rival keepers you get to pick off one at a time if you want, where you can use a prison and they don't know how to. It's just a very slow version of it. At least it has no timers.

    810 Fairy Nuff

    I think I played this map wrong. Like on the other Tupper-maps above, you get heroes from the portal. Except in this case, it is basically just fairies. You can build a prison, so I made some skeletons as well. Quite soon some Tunnelers will try to dig into your dungeon, when I had a few levels under my belt I decided to face them, and they were some really low level parties, but they had opened up basically the entire map so lots and lots of heroes showed up. Those heroes were just in the process of killing the enemy keeper when they decided to go and kill me instead, but I used my two increase-level specials and managed to defeat the heroes (with fairies it's always all or nothing) and with the same CTA spell push on to the almost defeated enemy dungeon. At which point the lord of the land appeared with a party that would have easily killed my remaining army and ended my game, but when the blue heart fell the map was won. A quick victory, but taking it slow would have been possible just as well by just sitting back and training and mining my gems. All in all, not that bad of a map but it could have used some scripting finesse.

    811 The Vampire Engine

    I believe Steve found it amusing how units kept spawning if he used the 'reset action point' command so he build a map around it. Behind a door right above your heart you'll find gems, and if you go near it enemy imps will keep spawning until you leave. You'll get a massive graveyard to claim and a few hidden 'increase level specials' to make your vampires a bit stronger.
    When you figure out how where the vampire-spawn is - which is not that difficult - the map is basically over. To the south across a lava lake there's a big army of heroes guarding a locked door with the White Heart and an Avatar. Since you can't build a bridge and you can't claim a hero, your only choice is to use the teleport spell of the vampires, and when you do that, why even bother with the army. I teleported straight onto the white heart with a couple of vampires, have them kill the avatar and the heart for a victory. Only play this map if you like to get lots of vampires for no particular reason.

    812 The Causeway

    This map is a level above the other ones I played from Steve, and the first one where I'd say there are no real errors. You're on a map with limited gold and units trickle in through the portal real slow, but in order to train them you have to dig all over the map for some blocks of gold. In the center there are infinite low level hero parties that drop loads of gold, but you can't cross the lava to pick up the gold so you've got to dig all around the map. If you do that, defeat the heroes there and claim the center a final hero party spawns and victory follows.
    I'm not sure the map is supposed to play out like this though, those hero parties have tunnelers, and they could dig towards you. However, tunnelers are idiots and instead of walking around the lava lake, they'll insist on dipping their toes into the lava to see if they can cross in a straight line, getting hurt each time. That's why you have to cast 'destroy walls' to even be able to start attacking the heroes. The map is a bit boring, but still one of the better ones out there, give it a try. I don't know why you also get some heroes from your portals though, would have been better by just getting evil creatures.

    813 Refugees

    Such a shame, because some effort went into this map and it has an interesting idea behind it, but it simply does not work. First of all, it's not compatible with KeeperFX. In the original game heroes did not have any attraction requirements, and this level assumes that you get a witch through your portal within 10 seconds or you lose the map. (Just removing that condition from the script won't help, because you actually need witches to spawn for the rest of the level to work, so I gave myself access to a scavenger room to play it).
    The premise of this (hero based) level is that hordes of thieves and witches(the refugees) come through your portal that you can't train but have to keep alive. Build a massive lair and you'll get up to 150 units. You'll start with a huge, huge base though, and that's the second problem, it has such a massive hatchery that you'll get more chickens than the game can handle, you'll have to sell a lot of it or stuff will bug out.
    Beyond that, it's a hero-invasion map that takes a bit over half an hour, but even that final wave is no match for the units you start out with. You actually get an avatar, 7 knights and 15 samurai to play with, which will be level 10 by the time the first wave (a handful of lvl2 orcs and whatnot) spawn. The final wave consists of seven lvl10 creatures including a reaper, but it will melt against just those samurai alone. Not worth the wait, especially since there's nothing at all to do on the map since everything is dug out already and you can't build anymore dungeon.

    814 Pirates

    The map is different than it first appears. You start with a small dungeon in the shape of a pirate ship, surrounded by water. You have some creatures including a reaper that might present a challenge to keep him happy. You can claim the shore right away, but that's all empty path so there's no walls to make an effective dungeon. There's very limited gold and just a single side of gems, with not many different units coming from the portal.
    However, once you dig into the mainland, you'll quickly find that nothing is there, not a single enemy or obstacle, so I just build a spacious dungeon there. This is still interesting, because the gold supply stays very limited.
    Quite soon however, a single tunneler will dig down from the massive hero dungeon giving you access, and you don't get the sight spell so you just got to gamble that nothing bad is behind the doors. Here is were the map starts to quickly turn less impressive, as each room just contains a few low level heroes for you to capture and all challenge will stop here. You'll quickly get more gems from this dungeon, and can grow your army to whatever size and strength you like. At some point you'll reach a part where all the doors are no longer locked so you'll have a big fight, but by that time your army is much larger and it will just give you some samurai and lvl10 thieves to train into knights.
    Because of all the torturing, the entire hero dungeon became revealed so I decided to stop going through the entire dungeon and instead use the destroy walls spell to go straight to the heart and kill the avatar and other heroes there for a anti-climactic victory. I could have won any other way I wanted as I had about 90 high level units.

    815 Terror Island

    We have another contestant for 'most boring map there is'. It looks all right and starts just fine, you're playing as the heroes and can't dig but have to build rooms in pre-designated spaces. Now wait for the timer for something to happen,... when something does, you'll be attacked from all angles by parties of lvl1 demon spawn. Which you can capture and convert while you wait a long time for what happens next,... parties of lvl2 demon spawn. There's literally nothing you can do while you wait, nothing to dig or explore or whatever. So either possess a chicken or frameskip until the lvl3 demon spawn appear.
    You get where I am going with this, it continues until you've defeated parties of lvl10 demon spawn. Now you have a party of over 150 demon spawn, plus your starting out army of heroes to wait for a final big wave of creatures,... 3 demon spawn a bile demon and a warlock. After that the map is won.
    I checked the script afterwards and a more units should have appeared there, but either we're past the creature limit, or he hit some script-limits. But even with a final party it would not have been worth the wait.

    816 Imp Roulette

    Interesting, but a bit annoying. Truth be told, for a large part it is because KeeperFX(like the original game) does not function with 'disconnected dungeons', if your imps/units can't walk to the dungeon hearth, they refuse to do much of anything at all. And this map has 16 sections separated from your dungeon, each one accessible by throwing in an imp, digging a tile of dirt and defeating the units in the section. When you clear the section your imps need to claim it and you can break down a door and find something behind the door to help you out plus another imp. Since you don't have the sight spell, it is gamble what you get. The imps won't claim everything though because they stop working all the time, and you have to keep reassigning them.
    For me, I lost the roulette, I found the prison last when I had already killed all the heroes. That left my army way too small to take on the final hero party, that included 2 avatars and a large number of knights, directly. But since you get to take initiative that left me with many other ways to win, and since I already have a full workshop I decided on traps and killed everything except the avatars with boulders, then went on the beat the map.

    817 Dragon Whelps

    This one is a frameskip map. You start with 2 dragons and a handful of demon spawn, and get some more demon spawn from the portal. These are the only 15 units you can get all game, and it's your job to train them and defend from invading units. You can find quite a few increase-level specials on this map, but after that there's not much to do. There's a long time in between invading units, and they start off too weak. Your units will be around level 7 when you first get attacked by a single level 1 spider. Over an hour later this will have ramped up to a party of 4 mid level hell hounds, at this time your lvl1 demon spawn are all lvl10 dragons already. After 80 minutes you will get attacked 3 final units, a wizard, a knight and an avatar, kill them to win the game.
    I won this map by building a large workshop and have my lvl10 dragons build boulder traps that I placed in the corridors where the parties would spawn. This way I could frameskip to a quick victory. A shame, because the map looks pretty and you get to build an interesting dungeon. It just needed stuff to do and lots more enemies.

    818 Clares First

    Another 'first attempt' and it shows. The map is not horrible, it is just very ugly, very basic and with problems. You could die quickly if you dig your starting dungeon the 'wrong way', something another keeper also suffers from. There's just a handful of creature types that can come from the portal, there's no prison and you can find some rooms near your starting location to get you started a bit quicker.
    The objective is to kill three keepers and a white dungeon heart. If those keepers don't die from digging into high level hero parties scattered around the map first.

    819 I'm Horny

    When Clare Wykes is horny, she favors quantity over quality. She wants lots and lots of guys. This map is build right up against the creature limit, when I got my temple I wanted to get lots of imps to mine all my gems, but I couldn't build any. I had to go quickly through the map to kill some enemies to free up space, or I would not be able to mine enough gold to feed my reapers. Or mistresses to be more accurate, you find a torture room soon enough and the mistresses will not stop coming. Let an imp die to one of the countless traps and a new mistress will come through the portal. I once triggered a boulder trap and I just let it roll right over my lvl10 mistresses, what would I care.
    But I think the point of this map is to get lots of horned reapers, which you can since they can come from your portal, are found all over the map and most of the non-horny enemies are temple ingredients for reapers. But your army is so massive that I did not even bother capturing more units. When I had enough I used CTA to go right through the massive hero dungeon killing everything in my path without losing a single unit. It would have won me the map, but at the end was not the enemy heart but a destroy-walls spell needed to get there, so I had to wait for my imps to claim all the rooms in between. The only challenging bit of this map is fighting with its flaws.

    820 Hawk the Slayer

    Ugly an boring map. Like most hero maps, you can't get all heroes in KeeperFX that the mapmaker intended because you now actually have to build rooms to attract them, so here you'll end up with lots of monks, fairies and barbarians. At the start you run the risk of digging into hero pockets, and you can't research the sight spell. You can claim a few, very small prisons, so you'll have to manage them carefully if you want to add some more units to your army. Most of the units of the map can't be turned to skeletons, and you only get a torture room right before the end. When I did get a torture room I got some lvl10 vampires to go along with it, and that quickly drained the enemy army through the scavenger room. My final fight was 80lvl 10 units against a single avatar.

    821 Jims 1st go

    Map by James Tupper, part of the Tupper map-making syndicate. And as far as first attempts go, this one is not that bad at all. It could look a bit prettier by rounding out the edges, but it's fully functional, and the map actually has a layout. You are warned to train up first before exploring, but this map actually has no surprise-parties of death. In fact you need to go out quite soon to get your library which you can do by either training your very first units a bit, or in my case with a possessed warlock you start out with. As you get gems right away and you can research everything, the map is pretty basic after this. Train up, convert any unit you find, explore the map and when you are ready take out the yellow keeper. When defeated there's a final hero party that is no big deal, and a scripting error that causes you to win before killing them.

    255 The Middle

    A very straightforward map. The map divided in 4 corners, one per keeper, and some heroes in the center. Each keeper gets some gems on the other side of lava, which the AI finds difficult to get. Very easy to quickly train up, convert the heroes and take each keeper out one by one.

    301 Tymnath Herez

    A map by Duke Ragereaver, all his maps are worth playing, and this one is no exception. You start in the center of the map, with lava separating you from both keepers and two hero fortresses. You can only build the basic 5 rooms, and have to explore the hero fortresses to get access to the further rooms. There's an interesting decision to make which fortress to go for first, as both have different rooms. Both keepers are pretty powerful, and you would do well to keep them out of your hair until you're truly ready for them. The difficulty of this map is also very reasonable.

    261 DoMiNaToR

    I skipped this map on the last page because of the pathfinding bug, but with the Pathfinding bug fixed now in r2014 of KeeperFX Unofficial, I gave this map a go. The level has a unique start, you start locked up in a small box surrounded by strong heroes, but you get plenty of gems. You need to decide how to use the very limited space to grow a powerful army to break out of the box. After that the level becomes a 'massive army' kind of map, where you have a pretty high portal limit, get a small prison (which is enough if you quickly drop everything into the torture room) and lvl10 heroes that are available everywhere. I decided quite quickly to just turn imprisonment off, because at some point there's nothing that can stop your army.
    If you don't mind such a map, the level is actually scripted an designed quite nicely, with several separated compartments surrounding your tiny heart which open up in turn when you cleaned out the previous one.

    371 Vulcania

    One more map I play now because the pathfinding bug is fixed in KeeperFX Unofficial (r2014 or newer), and this map made by 'anonymous', published by 'DzjeeAr' seems to follow the DzjeeAr design principles pretty closely. So, again, the map is not bad at all. It's a big spiral, follow it to defeat two keepers and a hero base in order, where the only prisons you get are the small ones you claim from the enemy keepers. These small prisons make sure you don't grow too much out of control, although the combination of countless gems and a graveyard will enable you to get as many vampires as you want, should you need it. (I did not). I'm not sure if it's a mistake or not, but you can't actually get a bridge on this map and the final heroes and their heart are on a lava island, so all the specials there cannot be claimed. The map can be completed just fine though, as my dragons/reapers/vampires managed to clear the island just fine, causing massive hero parties to launch a final offensive. This party contained several avatars and a the classic DzjeeAr buffed knight, while my army was actually pretty small. I had to work for the final fight, and since the heroes spawned all over the map I managed to defeat, capture and convert hero parties while defeating other ones so I could reinforce my armies and win the day.
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    Default Re: Community maps worth playing

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    On the KeeperFX website, there are almost 300 standalone maps listed, and many more maps in map packs. On this forum there is also a map list and a subforum. Dungeon Keeper is a game that's still played over 15 years after release, but it came - counting the Deeper Dungeon expansion - with a mere 35 maps.

    It is good to know which of the community made maps are considered good or great, and which ones are best to be left alone. When you play a user made map, please share in this topic the name of the map(s) you played, a short description, if they were any good and why, how difficult they are, and if they have any problems.

    If you want to know how to play them, take a look at the wiki.

    Firstly, thank you - this is a great resource for people like myself wanting to find new maps to play and it certainly helps sort the good ones from those that are either pointless or are known to crash frequently.

    In the last few days I've played through two maps:

    Tymnath Herez
    Very good map where you are have two keepers to compete against you, both with more creatures than you and better room availability to attract minions. Quality over quantity though will win here, and you'll be able to either find or capture other rooms to expand and diversify your army.

    Battle of Midway
    Really enjoyable map that starts out very challenging as you must micro-manage a grumpy horned reaper long enough to rescue a mistress - all with very limited funds (no gems to start with). If you can get your mistress trained up with what cash you have left at that point though, it becomes fairly easy after that as you can capture and convert some powerful heroes. The Blue keeper should stand no chance against you at that point. The final wave of heroes is similar to Skybird Trill in strength and danger, but like there its up to you if you take them on before or after Blue keeper. Probably my favourite map outside of the original campaign and Deeper Dungeons.

    To qualify those statements, I've been playing DK on and off since it came out and usually pick it up for a playthrough every couple of years. The last couple of times I've used KeeperFX and played through Burdened Imps and a few standalone maps (probably only 10-15 of them), so have a bit more experience than the average player but not nearly as much as a lot of those who use this forum.

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    Default Re: Community maps worth playing

    Please note, the pathfinding bug is fixed in KeeperFX Unofficial (full version + an alpha) and above. And for some maps that worked mostly but had one or two specific problems I re-uploaded them on the map database with a fix.

    Glad though you take some enjoyment from this. It's easy to play 5 random maps from the list and have them all suck.

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