Name: Fortise

Creature type: Salamander

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Personality: Aggressive, reckless

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Current level: 1

Gold on pocket: 0


- Potent offense, both up close and at a distance
- Potent combat ability in general


- Reckless
- Not very good at non-fighting jobs
- Defensive abilities are nil

Likes: Fighting, violence, inflicting pain

Dislikes: Extensive periods of inaction


Level 1 - Melee
Level 1 - Flame Breath
Level 2 - Fireball
Level 4 - Meteor
Level 7 - Word of Power
Level E1 - Meteor+

Appearance: Mostly like a normal Salamander. Stand-out features include notably sharp claws and fangs, appropriate for close combat usage.

Most powerful foe slain: -

Body Count: -

Realm: Northland Iceland


A very aggressive salamander originally from the depths of Summermarsh. Fortise's only reason of being is to fight and to keep on fighting - to the point it effectively became an addiction of her. Now, Fortise travels through the lands, ever looking for the next fight or challenge.