Hey guys Drkillzown here.
First off I have a Dell 15" Inspiron touch with an HD Intel Graphics card.

Firstly i found my old DG2 game today and was mega excited because I love and loved the game and couldn't wait to play it.
Put it in, installed it etc etc. Went to go play the background was fine, but when I went start new campaign or any other option, the texture went all black and i only saw the background every now and again and when in game the map was completely black and never saw anything except little bits of the HUD.

I searched online to fix this, I tried running compatability settings, tried going into the task manager and tried the set affinity, my computer comes up with CPU 0,1,2,3 and 4, i disabled all except for 0, maybe there's a problem because there's 5 instead of 0 and 1? I'm not sure anyway, ive tried running all compat. modes and nothing works.

Please help, this is a great game and I love it so much, would be a shame to not play it. Any advice would be very very helpful.

Regards, DrKillzown!