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Thread: The Evil Masters Game (a new tabletop game of my own design.

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    Lightbulb The Evil Masters Game (a new tabletop game of my own design.

    I am thinking about a new tabletop game 100% free and as easy to set up and play as possible. If you like this then please say something.

    First, I have say I am using the SkCombat app to make the maps as fast as possible
    The game is simple, you start out as a level1 char(as any other game) and depending on your class you get special debuffs. (All info will be in a download) then you need a 20 sided die.I use a die roller app to make it easy. Then you roll the die and whatever it lands on you move that many spaces.

    The game will also need a 20 sided die to say how much damage you deal. When a char is close enough you say you are attacking _______ and then roll the die. Then deduct # points to represent defense. Bonus damage/defense will be rewarded if you have special armor(enchanted or magic). When a char takes damage if you use a weapon to attack your weapon loses 1 durability (and 1 magic point if it is a magic weapon). Mages can use a scroll, book, or staff, but when no weapons are present a Mage can use a dagger and hand magic spells but if the die lands 18,19,20 the player loses 1 health. All attacks land a hit.1 point of Exp is gained after killing a player. The level if the player is multiplied my the amount of rolls. You need to gain 100 times your level amount of Exp to level up. Your exp resets after you level up.

    Character creation.
    All people love to keep all their stats from one world to another, so you get to create a character and keep on using his/her char in all things.(You just have to be honest and trust the others) all you start with Is the class requirements like a Mage of Fire gets a fireball hand spell. And a knight gets a stone sword.

    You don't have to be the most imaginative person to make a story, all you need is to just have fun and go along with what happens. The Evil Master makes the story as you go along playing through the game. (If you are the Evil Master don't make the story start with a level 100 monster attacking you). I will make a story that will make you go through a world that is good for starters but not to be played twice.

    The Character status
    All things have their perks like a berserker gets more damage but most people never looks at the debuffs. Well all chars have their own debuffs that can make the easiest of battles seem harder than ever. Berserkers move at a 2:1 speed. 2 being roll and 1 being spaces. Thieves on the other hand move at a 1:2 speed. Knights have a armor attack ratio of ether 1:2 or 2:1. Mages have the worst debuff but not the most useful affect. Mages get a magic boost or a magic resist bonus. The debuff is that mages have no regular defense. So if the die says the Mage gets 20 points of damage the Mage has no defence on regular attacks so the Mage gets 20 points of damage. Mages can't get harmed by their own type of magic. So if a fire Mage gets attacked with a fireball spell the Mage is healed by that much. Archers are the last class to talk about. Archers get a buff called focus. Focus gives them the power to land a shot that gives a attack 2 times the damage. The buff is actually an attack that cools down every 10 turns. Archers are affected with a debuff called restraints. Restraints disable the char from attacking or killing a specific player, like a team-mate or a lover.
    All characters start with all stats at one unless their class says that they get a special boost.
    All the stats start looking like this:

    Atk:1 Def:1 Sp atk:1 Sp atk:1
    Hp:100 Mp:100

    After you level up you gain 2 upgrade points. You can use them to upgrade your atk/def/spdef/spatk by one point. Or toucan upgrade your Hp/Mp by 25 points. Simple to do but you never can reset your points.

    Atk/def/spdef/spatk/hp/mp usages
    Atk: this is the amount of damage added to your die damage.
    Def: this is how much damage you take out of all attacks aimed at you.
    Spdef: this is your magic damage resistance.
    Spatk: this is how much damage you add to your magic atacks
    Hp: this is how much life you have. If it gets below 0 you lose.
    Mp: this is all the magic power you have used to summon magic things.

    If you like or hate this idea it's ok. I'm editing it a lot. I made it better.
    If you want to speak with me you can by skyping me. My skype is "epic minecraft"
    Also it's in beta version now. If you want to test the new epic version of this game you can skype me
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