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Thread: Scavenger room in FX

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    Is it me, or does the Scavenger room work differently in FX then it does in Vanilla?

    I think in the original, if you used the scavenger room you could attract all creatures of that type available in the pool, from both your enemies and the pool. I just played Lvl20 and I seemed to be unable to attract more creatures then my max creatures, unless my opponent had that creature type.

    Has this really changed, and if so, what are the mechanics behind the scavenger room in KeeperFX?

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    Default Re: Scavenger room in FX

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster
    I think in the original, if you used the scavenger room you could attract all creatures of that type available in the pool, from both your enemies and the pool.
    By "all", you mean the totality? If so, it doesn't work like that.

    The Scavenger Room will attract your creatures from the portal only if you haven't reached the max amount of creatures allowed. Once you have reached it, you can no longer siphon the minions from the pool, but you WILL attract the enemy/neutral creatures. Therefore, if the enemy creatures can get all of the remaining creatures available in the pool, you can have them all.

    For example, there's 20 dragons in the pool. You manage to get 9 of them through your portal now that you have reached your max amount of minions, the remaining 11 ones are either still in the pool or maybe the computer player has some of them. Let's say the computer has 7 dragons. You'll be able to get 16 of them by scavenging. When you scavenge the enemy dragons, his amount of max creatures will drop and maybe a new dragon will emerge from his pool. If you're lucky, you will siphon this dragon as well, but if you're not, then you'll have to figure a way to reduce his amount of creatures to attract more. If you scavenge other minions, then maybe some more dragons will arrive and you could be able to get the extra 4 remaining.
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    Thanks for the reply,... your explanation fits with my experience,.... I only ever used the scavenger room in level 20(and sometimes 14) and I always ended up with a huge amount of dragons and bile demons. Yesterday I played it again with a modification in the script(after the discussions in the other tread) and rushed through the beginning, and couldn't scavenge any creatures. However, the rival keeper had me completely outclassed, and was probably maxed out without Dragons.

    I used disease to kill the enemy keeper, cast high level disease on his creatures once and complete chaos broke out. I did learn that casting disease on a prisoner and then letting it go has no effect!

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    I don't know why, but i feel like the FX version is broken when it comes to scavenging.

    I was on level 15 and i was trying to get a couple warlocks from the enemy. I had 5 warlocks in the scavenger room for like an hour and not once was i able to get any. Yet, when the enemy had warlocks in the scavenger room, it must have been a few minutes before 1 of mine was taken. Within half an hour, i lost all 5 to the enemy despite the fact i had mine in the scavenger room long before they did.

    This wasn't the first time i've noticed issues with it. Ever since i had the scavenge room, i've noticed barely anyone comes over to my side, however, with the original, i used to have no issues, i could scavange and claim anyone quickly, yet on the FX version, it doesn't seem to work at all.

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    Yes, I had the same feeling for a time. Then I investigated and found the AI simply was a lot more competent than before, the AI properly keeps his units sped up and slapped (which boosts the work value to 300%!), and when his units get scavenged he puts them to be save in the temple. Also, blue trains his units more now and higher level units take longer to scavenge.

    I have not done a comparison yet in the old game, but if you have a map where blue has no temple and scavenger room, but in FX scavenging in such a situation should take the exact same time.

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    i dont know about the scavenger room itself. but the so called temple protection doesn't seem to affect any other creatures than the one put in the temple. i had 14 skeletons in temples and 1 in training. but that single one could still be scavenged by the enemy. despite them (the 2 enemies) having less than 28 skeletons combined. this happened in the original campaign level 15 (woodly rhyme). but i have experienced similar things on other maps. i have checked on the dk wiki how scavenging works as well as scavenging protection by the temple is it any different in FX? since it seems the protection doesn't work properly
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    Nothing should be different there, and having 14 skeletons in the temple should indeed keep your 15th one safe when they have less than 28 scavenging skeletons. Do you have a save where this is going wrong you could share with me?

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    since this instance happened in the original campaign (the skeleton matter) and i have only had the problem there. right now i am playing custom campaigns so my old saves are gone. it might be that the modified original campaign AI is just a bit too omnipotent when it comes to knowing whats happening around the map and acting on it compared to a human.
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