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    Hello all.
    i hav started playing DK II again after many years of it gathering dust. i am using version 1.7 and hav downloaded the map editor and created some of my own maps. very frustratingly the game keeps freezing up on me during play. some times after seconds sometimes minutes or hours there does not seem to be a particular trigger for the game freeze.
    i hav tried the edit shorcut target field adding " -32biteverything -disablegamma"
    and i hav also tried all compatibility modes W98/me , W2000 , Wxp SP2/3 , etc......
    also tried editing the registry to run the game in lowest resolution 640x800 and changed graphics option to 640x800 and all lowest settings in game
    also my dk II is the GOG version.
    i dunno wat else to do other than ask here, i have read and reread most if not all solutions offered online. lots of ppl cant get the game work but mine works it just freezes all the time.
    this is my last hope be4 i abandon the game for another decade.

    i am very new to this site and hope my post/ thread meets all requirements for posting in this section.

    TY all for any and all reply's and any advice or help is very welcome

    My computer specs are , Win 7 64bit, nvidia 630 4gig graphics card, 16gigs of ram, intel i3 3.3ghertz.

    Okay so I hav now tried downloading the game from several sources to try get a working version. All version I hav now tried are all unstable and may crash at any time. I hav finally given up on a great game and will just have to remember it fondly. Strange that my old gateway 2000 computer played this back in the day no problems now my win7 64bit can't run it for 5 mins without a crash. Ooh well. Maybe I will try run it on a emulated version of windows 98 and see how that goes.
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    It seems to be a problem with NVIDIA graphics cards. I use to have a NVIDIA GPU and DK2 would always do as you have described. Ever since I've played on computers without NVIDIA (Radeon or Intel), I haven't countered ths issue.

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