Some of you may have experienced problems while playing custom made maps. By problems, I mean levels freezing or locking up halfway through them. the 'Original Dungeon keeper' Didn't have any crashing problems. However, it's not just custom maps that cause the problem. when Bullfrog released the 'Deeper Dungeons' expansion levels. The levels had undergone some major changes including a more smarter and aggressive, improved AI.Take the Level, Belbata, for instance. You find yourself going up against three aggressively programed AI keepers. the green Keeper has a bug where it is allowed to illegally place traps on room and even on the same tiles more than once. With the amount of workshops it builds, and the number of unlimited traps it places, this can easily 'bog down' and crash the game.Also, because of the improved AI, the aggressiveness of it on more than one keeper can also crash the game in random places.My advice is to save your game frequently, if your playing against an aggressive AI Keeper, or another option is to try to dispose of the highly aggressive keeper as soon as possible, as this can ease up pressure on the game when they are defeated.