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    A whirlwind of wrought iron chain, rending and tearing flesh, scourging through bone. A sadistic robed figure whose sweetest indulgence is hearing the screams of those whose allegiance he views as heresy to his own way. Mixed pain with bitter whispers, promises spoken in hissed and shadow-clad gospel as the iron barbs he swings strike home to conduct a murderous chorus of displaced flesh.

    (Basic, basic idea. Just started drawing again and the tablet doesn't help any. Wish I had my scanner up. The full concept is an olde-style executioner with a similar style to that from the Torture Chamber of the first game, with his body armored over in a tight wrapping of hard iron chains that bite back into his own flesh through his robes, ever dangling down from his arms as he lumbers around whispering and cackling in diabolic tone, the faces of those he's scourged hanging from the chains wrapped around his midsection as trophies of his zealous devotion to evil. In combat, the attack style would be spastic, chains sweeping around like serpents, wrought with piercing barbs that tear away chunks of flesh. Room of occupation would be Torture Chamber/Temple.)
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    Sounds like a good concept of a unit you have there. Makes me somehow to think about the Cenobites from the Hellraiser movies with all those chains and stuff

    If not used as a ordinary unit, this might be a nice addition to the ideas concerning the torture chamber found in this thread:

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