Poll: Do you want a Spanish translation of Ancient Keeper Campaign or others in a future?

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Thread: Spanish Players in the forum?

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    Default [Poll]Spanish Players in the forum?

    I post this here because i dont know where i could post it hehe. I was translating Ancient Keeper history to spanish, with some tips of dayokay, but i realize that, why i would make a translation if there isnt other spanish players in keeperklan forum? That would be useless because i would be the only one that will use it and a lose of time that i could spend studing for the school or making/fixing maps, and i have no problem of playing in english. So im asking if there other Spanish/Latino players here, if there are, great, i will continue translating, if not, i will wait for them to come to the forum, for finishing the translation.
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    I'm native spanish. But I don't mind playing in english.

    No one minds, I think.

    Keep fixing maps. Time better spent.

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