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Thread: Regarding the DK 2 music tracks

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    Default Regarding the DK 2 music tracks

    While looking up music on youtube, I brought up the full soundtrack list of Dungeon Keeper 2 to listen to. It started out with the intro music, then went on with the first track that plays normally in most of the maps for the ingame music. I'm sure most of you might know the music, and it usually gets pumped up when you summon Horny.

    It then got to the next track... and it's a track that I have never heard of anywhere on the game.

    I went to the Sounds folder and looked up the track files, and noticed there was only the Track 1, and Track 3, with no signs of a second track.

    Anyone may know something regarding this? Because I heard the second track and I particularily liked it.

    That's the link of the soundtrack, particularily at 25:14, that's the track that is missing(?).

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    Default Re: Regarding the DK 2 music tracks

    As far as I know, one of the in-game soundtracks is entirely missing from the game, though I always remembered it as the third one. Maybe they're labeled differently in the editor. Regardless, one of the three soundtracks didn't make it into the game for some reason. As you said, it's not even in the sound-files of the game.

    I think you could add it into the game if you wanted, but you'd need to cut the track into pieces and compare it to the other tracks to sorta deduce where you would need to put in which parts of it into the mp.2 file to get the combat and ambient sounds and the like to play during the proper in-game moments. Since I assume that each mp.2 is hardcoded into the game, you would also need to replace one of the two existing soundtracks to add it into the game.

    I'm curios about that first outro soundtrack though, I never heard that one before and it sounds a lot better than the entire rest of the soundtrack. Can't say I remember the second outro either, but that one just seems to be an edited version of the intro.
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