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Thread: Switch Creatures in Original Campaign

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    Default Switch Creatures in Original Campaign

    Hello everyone!

    At first I would like to thank you for this great modification of Dungeon Keeper. It is great to play at least with Windows, not with DOS.

    An afternoon later, at which I tried to change the creatures in the Original Campaign, I must admit I am not able to change it without help.

    Therfore I want to ask someone:

    It was possible with the normal Dungeon Kepper to switch for exampel in Level 1 the FLY with a KNIGHT. This was very easy, only change the two commands:




    It all works fine, just when I started the mission nothing appears, neither a FLY nor a KNIGHT.

    How does it work in Dungeon Keeper FX? Is it necessary to change something special?

    Thank you for your support.

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    Default Re: Switch Creatures in Original Campaign

    In KeeperFX, heroes require rooms to be attracted. Look at creatrs/knight.cfg - you can modify it too.

    The options within creature config files are documented in imp.cfg.

    In KeeperFX you can also "skip attraction" for specific creature in level, but you'd have to modify the level script into KeeperFX-specific format.
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