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    Hello everyone,

    I have downloaded Dungeon Keeper Gold Edition from GOG Games and it runs through dosbox on my windows 7 laptop. I can play dungeon keeper just fine, (in fact i have completed the campaign :-)) but, when I went on to start playing Deeper Dungeons I ran into some problems.

    The game opens fine, does the intro, and goes to the main menu. when i then go to the level selector and click on a level to play it closes and I can't play any of the levels. So my questions are, am I doing something wrong? Is there something I can do to fix the problem? I have no idea how dosbox works or how to edit files, in fact I'm a total noob when it comes to all that, so the easier the better lol.

    Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.

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    You could always use KeeperFX, which contains both the original game and deeper dungeons with fan-patches and fixes and runs natively in Windows 7 no problem.

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    Hi YourMaster,

    thanks for the quick reply. I have had a look at KeeperFX and the button to download the complete version just takes me to an error page that it cannot be found lol. It is also saying that you need an original CD of the game, unfortunately this is the reason I downloaded it from GOG Games as the CD i have wouldn't run at all. No matter how many times i tried to install it, it wouldn't have it so i downloaded it. The actual game of Dungeon Keeper works great, its just the Deeper Dungeons expansion that isn't working.

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    I see, the link seems to be broken, perhaps this link works.

    You don't need the CD, you need 'an original version' of dungeon keeper, it works with your GOG version.

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    thanks for the new link YourMaster. it downloaded straight away. only trouble is, when i try to install the required files for keeperfx to run it comes up with an error message saying that "Some files couldn't be copied" and that the installation has failed. the files that won't copy are: data/lightng.pal, data/dogpal.pal, and data/vampal.pal. any ideas how to solve this?

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    Did you by chance have the game of map editor open? Can you do a manual copy of these files from your GOG folder to the KeeperFX folder?

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