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Thread: custom campaigns my patched maps that are now playable

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    Default custom campaigns my patched maps that are now playable

    Conquest of the arctic level 7 - Cold Reality

    After venturing through this campaign and reaching this level in the game, I encountered several problems with this map.

    1. the script had a third player that was available despite the fact their is no third dungeon. That problem is now fixed. The third player has been taken out of the script.
    2. The player and enemy keeper couldn't attract any creatures through their portals after they had been claimed. This was because their was no creature availability to either keeper in the script. I've fixed that error. and you can now attract creatures.
    3. Their were to many graphic sprite objects creatures on the map at the beginning of the level, rendering the thing amount limit being reached, which rendered the level unplayable. I've corrected this error by editing the map and removing some of the objects and creatures. Some heroes now appear through hero parties instead when the player triggers an action point in a specific room, bringing more control and stability of the amount of things that are available of the map at any given time.

    I've even tested the map myself and I've encountered no problems with it, it's now playable. Here's the new improved map for the campaign.

    Send me some feedback to see if you encounter any more problems.
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    Default Re: custom campaigns my patched maps that are now playable

    I noticed that in the whole Campaign the AI builds a HUGE lair but only gets a normal amount of creatures. Never seen this before in other levels/campaigns..

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    Default Re: custom campaigns my patched maps that are now playable

    I will include the patched version in next KeeperFX. Thanks!

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