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Thread: Preview of my custom Campaign, The Barbarian Campaign

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    Default Re: Preview of my custom Campaign, The Barbarian Campaign

    Download link Updated again. Minor script fixes and changes to configuration file made.

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    Default Re: Preview of my custom Campaign, The Barbarian Campaign

    I've completed the campaign yesterday, I must say overall it's not bad, especially the map quality is very nice! But in scripting terms and creature choice/levels most maps still need tweaking imo.

    I go from level 20 to 1, since 20 is the last I played. :P

    20. Valhalla
    For the last level it's is waaay too easy, you can add a lot more hero drops in the rooms of the fortress and also make the present parties stronger. Basically I won the map with 9 ninja's (except for the last wave of heroes) There should be more tentacles in the water (or even reapers to make things interesting) The map feels quite empty the way it's now. The hero fortress it self is quite small and having dragons and Guards of the Hero Hearth is a bit too easy..

    19. Valencia
    The map which you based on Level 17 of the original campaign, it could be made a lot harder. I could dig a whole dungeon, claim the gems, before the first party even dropped. And when it dropped it contained only low level heroes.. So it was very easy to keep up with the drops while training to high levels.

    18. Byzantium
    It's a very nice idea to kill specific creatures to get your spells and rooms back! But it's a bit too easy with all the doors open and nothing that spawns from the rooms you enter. Closing the doors, adding a few traps and adding a few drops here and there would make things a lot more challenging.

    17. Necronaro
    I liked this one overall, but Blue could be a bit tougher.
    Putting his gems closer to base and more sides to dig on, would make things a little more even I guess. With 20 level 10 Vampires you kill him within seconds. Even if he has all creatures at level 10.

    16. Baron's Bayou
    This map needs a lot more action! More hero drops, less time to build/train up etc. I was expecting a massive invasion, but all I needed was the Disease spell and a few guardposts to keep the parties together..
    Not sure why you put the two reapers in here, it makes it that more easy to win the map.

    15. Arctica
    Nice map overall! Blue was actually very annoying with constantly building bridges to my side, but he lacked good creatures to be a serious threat. The heroes made an easy killing with him and after that it wasn't really fun anymore, cause you can train up as much as you want, before you kill the remaining heroes. (All heroes in my case, cause blue had killed all his creatures each time he made bridges to my side and attacked)

    14. Dragon's Reach
    One of the better maps of the campaign! But it would be more challenging if you had a lower creatures limit. Ones you have the gems the hero fortress is a piece of cake to take over. Making the gems harder to reach and having less creatures in the pool would make it more fun.

    13. Castle Valadir
    Again a very nice idea for a map, made me think of one of the later Dungeon Keeper 2 campaign maps. (level 17 or so?) Only this castle was a bit small compared to the one from DK2.
    You could use the whole map as a castle and make the rooms you can claim smaller, so there's more room for corridors and empty rooms where heroes drop or specials are held. It felt a bit rushed to me.

    12. Labyrinthian
    Fine map, but blue is outclassed by miles! You should give him a dungeon to begin with, with some creatures.

    11. Darckrock
    I liked this one, based on Belbata from DD?
    A couple of heroes to defend the Gems and a redo of the white prison area on the left would be my only points here. The corridor to it from the gold looks a bit weird to me. A neutral open space with 3 heroes or so with a (locked) door to the prisons would look better I think.

    10. Pickel
    Again a nice Idea, but feels a bit rushed. You could give green bigger role here and add some hero parties which will eventually kill green, but not overwhelm him in the first minute. Just don't give green a bridge so he doesn't go for the portal.

    9. Mystica
    Lovely map, which needs some cunning and patience to win, but as mentioned before. Ones you can go into the hero fortress things get way too easy. Could use more hero drops, traps etc. The Wizard is a bit oddly placed and could use some more defenses (as in drops or hero pockets) before you reach him.

    8. Hadrian's Wall
    Lovely map, not much to say about this one. Replace the reapers to the east for something weaker and add something beyond the last walls at the south. Not much behind there now except 6 heroes and one special on the left side..

    7. Demonicano
    A remake of Korros Tor from DD! A couple of things I would change here.
    Put some ground between greens gold and the water. The heroes should be there to attack you not green right? Second, close the doors of the keep to the east and maybe put the gems inside there, or at the back of it, so you have to claim/conquer it first before you can take them. It wil make a nice treasury at the same time. Lose the gems on top and put a special or creature there instead. Why would you need so much gems? Makes the map way too easy imo.

    6. Backwater Pass
    Nice map! I mentioned the victory bug already so I presume you fixed that one already. For the map itself, I think it would be better if yellow couldn't be able to reach the heroes to the east, so only an entrance through the water and not through the back of yellows gold supply.
    The hero keep could use some doors and maybe traps so it takes a little longer conquer it.

    5. Volcania
    The idea was nice, but the AI doesn't know what to do here.. Also the Ninja's are too strong compared to what the other keepers get.
    Not sure how you can improve this one without altering everything.. :P

    4. Nirvana
    This map was pretty nice to play, but the pre-made tunnel bugged me a little, maybe increase the timer of the drops a little and let the player decide on how to fortify himself?
    Remove the dirt tunnel line from the lower middle of the map, it looks unnatural, not sure why it's there in the first place?

    3. Runescape
    I think I liked this map the most. It looks good, it played well (except for the random freezes...) and I have not much to say about it, only that maybe a scavenger room for green would be in order. The vampires (ones level 10) kept teleporting all over the map and killed most of the heroes for me. Also they were easily captured and converted later on which made green easy prey. Again the hero keep could use some more this and that. It's kinda empty and boring to conquer.

    2. Harmspring
    A decent map, for ones not much to say really. :P

    1. Winter's Edge
    Nice opener of the campaign! But again, make the hero fortress more interesting!

    And last of all, why the "Barbarian Campaign"? If there's one thing I haven't really seen or used than it's the Barbarian. :P The Conan idea was ok, but you could've removed all barbarians from all maps and make Conan a modified stronger Barbarian (something like the Avatar only Purely a Melee fighter) which sometimes assisted on the maps (maybe with a level cap so he wouldn't be overpowered in the beginning)

    Hopefully you can use some of this spam. :P

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    Default Re: Preview of my custom Campaign, The Barbarian Campaign

    Oh, well. At least now I know that you can't please everybody. Problem I have is Balance issues as well with some of the levels. Some other of the Custom Campaigns are just unplayable. That's why I tried to make my levels balanced by not adding too many objects or a sense of being overwhelmed by the enemy. Despite being a 17 Year old game, It can still only handle so much even on todays computers.

    Still I did ask for feedback. And that's exactly what I've got. Glad you liked it. For me, that's enough. I just hope other people will think the same when they play it.

    This is also my very last contribution to the Dungeon Keeper Community! However, I do enjoy spending time on the forum. It will be nice to see what other people can produce in the future. Thanks.
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    Default Re: Preview of my custom Campaign, The Barbarian Campaign

    By saying that, it sounds to me that it isn't a preview, but a finished product?

    The things I mentioned won't blow up the game if implemented properly. No you shouldn't put 150 heroes on the map at start, but you can drop them a couple at a time without a problem. Same goes for traps and doors, it's no problem if there are more than 5 on the map.

    Balance issues is putting it mildly, on most maps you can sit back and train up a huge army which walks over everything in seconds. I noticed that most of the time you have a 20+ or even 30+ creature limit, if you half that, things get a lot more interesting and you can't just call to arms yourself over the map.
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    Default Re: Preview of my custom Campaign, The Barbarian Campaign

    I'll Have a go at tweaking some of the maps. Then reupload them to the Forum. hopefully It'll be better. Though, I Doubt I'll be able to do much, due to the vast detail of what most of the levels already have.
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    Default Re: Preview of my custom Campaign, The Barbarian Campaign

    The Campaign has been updated with minor changes to levels. Hopefully this is better than the previous version. Grab it at the download link.

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    Default Re: Preview of my custom Campaign, The Barbarian Campaign

    Here's the Land view and a new cfg. file for the Campaign. You'll need to place these In the Campaigns folder in the keeperFX directory. Thanks to Mefisto for incorporating these into KeeperFX.
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    Default Re: Preview of my custom Campaign, The Barbarian Campaign

    How long did this take you to make?

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    Default Re: Preview of my custom Campaign, The Barbarian Campaign

    Quote Originally Posted by Woudo View Post
    How long did this take you to make?
    Do you mean the Campaign or the Landview images?

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    Default Re: Preview of my custom Campaign, The Barbarian Campaign

    Both actually.

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