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Thread: DK Level script plugin for Notepad++

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    Default DK Level script plugin for Notepad++

    I was doing some scripting, and I've put the Dungeon Keeper syntax into Notepad++. This means syntax highlighting and auto-complete functionality.
    So no more typo's.

    This is the result:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I'm happy to share. It requires two files, the syntax and the autocomplete list.

    Installation instructions.

    1. Download the files here:

    2. Extract to a temporary folder on your PC

    3. Open Notepad++. In the menu: View - User-Defined Dialog.... Then select 'Import..' and select the file syntax_keeperfx.xml which you've just downloaded. Click 'Open' then close Notepad++.

    4. Move the file keeperfx.xml to the folder 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Notepad++\plugins\APIs', or wherever you have installed notepad++.

    Finished. Now when you open a dungeon keeper level script file in Notepad++, select 'KeeperFX' from the language menu.
    If autocomplete does not show up - and you are sure you've installed it correctly - you have autocomplete disabled(standard). To enable: Settings-Preferences-Backup/Autocompletion -> check 'Enable auto-completion on each input'.

    Included are all script commands from KeeperFX until the current nightly(r1366), so usable for Dungeon Keeper and KeeperFX.

    I made an update. The above doesn't work anymore due to updates in notepad++. And there have been many more script commands.
    Download the update here:

    As for the installation, the file keeperfx.xml now goes to the folder 'C:\Program Files\Notepad++\autoCompletion', or wherever you have installed notepad++. The other file can be handles as above, and you can enable it now through Settings->Preferences->Auto-Completion.
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    Default Re: DK Level script plugin for Notepad++

    Thats nice work men! Thanks for that. Works superb

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    Default Re: DK Level script plugin for Notepad++

    I can't get it to work, maybe my notepad++ needs to be updated.

    I saw no import at User Defined Dialog..., but found an import at Settings>Import>Import Style themes, where XML formats could be imported.
    The api map at the notepad directory has more xml files, and I already had put keeperfx.xml file there, before I imported syntax_keeperfx.xml.
    I also restarted notepad++, two times now, but I can't find keeperFX in the language menu.

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    Default Re: DK Level script plugin for Notepad++

    I don't know how old your version is, but this topic is almost 2 years old so it worked with an old version as well. In the latest version the menu's have changed a bit.

    In 6.8.1 of notepad++ click 'language', then 'define your language' and you'll have the import button right there.

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