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Thread: Getting Computer Players to attack

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    (x,y give the tile on the map, and each tile has 9 subtiles which is z)
    So Z is either 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 ?

    You probably aware of this but this is used in the script map00014.txt

    (I was 100% wrong since 1700 or 1900 can't be a position value)

    One time I tried to change these value (something like this: 80,1,2,1,1800,1) but noticed nothing ingame.
    Maybe these value are near the default value and it doesn't make any difference?
    One thing I didn't try yet is remove it from the script and look if the AI in level 14 is different but you might have already tried. :S
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    You're forgetting you actually need to somehow indicate the process/task. The SET_COMPUTER_GLOBALS is just the command that you want to tweak a certain process, and you have 6 numbers that have to indicate WHICH process and how. The same command can also be used to make the computer player place a certain room in a certain size, or dig to gold when he has just a certain amount left.

    On lvl14, and I don't know why, that command causes the CP to start with a delay. To clearly see the difference change the script and remove the command for one of the players, and for the other one change it to 6000 or something, and you'll see that the one will start right away while the other one will wait quite a while.
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    I don't get it, the script for level 14 only has these commands:

    Nothing else, and for whatever reason one command is REMoved.

    Well, I'll follow your result if you got some, manipulating AI behaviors is something I'm interested in and I would like to help.

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    Well, I've played around with it a bit, and I've given up again for now. Especially because they are unable to be used within conditional blocks, but also because I feel like I just do random stuff to see what sticks.

    In Level 14, change the script to this:
    You'll find that Blue will start building rooms and digging for rooms almost straight away, while green will wait for quite a while before starting to do anything. This command seems to be included on this level to give the player a bit of a head start over his rivals.

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