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Thread: Several questions about KeeperFX config modifications

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    Question Several questions about KeeperFX config modifications

    Greetings everyone :-)

    I would like to ask you some questions about KeeperFX. I want to make some funny changes for personal single player gaming.

    1. I want to modify the behavior of gems. They are an endless gold source. I want that the imps grab more gold with one dig/transport to the treasure room. Beside. 1x1 place of a Treasure room should contain more gold than now. Can you tell me how to change that values? I mean. Which place in the config files?

    2. I made a map and build a scavenger room in the game. The vamps started thier work in it and that produced many many more vamps in a short time. That could not be normal. Do you have an idea why?

    3. I want more chicken in a shorter time. The recovering time is what i want to change. How?

    4. More creatures in a training room than normal. How?

    5. More doors/traps in the factory than normal? How? Its kinda crazy. The off voice says the factory is full but the creatures keep working it in. That message comes again and again. If i could manage that the factory can store much more stuff then this annoying message would stopp.

    I appreciate your help :-) Thanks!

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    Greeting again.
    This tread is a perfect fit for the keeperfx subforum.

    1. In creatrs\imp.cfg you can modify the value GoldHold, which affects how many gold the imp can carry. It does not matter if it is gathered from gold or gems. in \fxdata\rules.cfg you'll find a lot of other gold related settings. I don't think you can modify the capacity of the treasury(the amount of gold pots it holds), but you can change the amount of gold in each pot in that file.
    Do note that by making the value too high, you'll only have very small pots in your treasury, and your creatures won't bother going to the rooms for payday as they consider it empty.

    2. If this has anything to do with your previous map, your problem is that you put vampires in the creature pool, this allows them to enter your dungeon through the portal. You don't want vampires or other creatures that are not supposed to come through the portal like IMPS, in the creature pool.

    3. This is the FoodGenerationSpeed in the rules.cfg

    4. Don't think this is possible.

    5. Don't think this is possible either.
    What happens with this room (and other rooms but there you don't notice it as much) is that when the room is full and a trap is built, one less creature fits because you now have a trap crate int he room. You get the message the room is full and one creature leaves the room. The others continue to work, and then when another trap is built, the room is too small again and a new creature has to leave, until you have just traps and no creatures in the room.
    Nothing to do about this except have a large room and use the traps before it is full.
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    Default Re: Several questions about KeeperFX config modifications

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    This tread is a perfect fit for the keeperfx subforum.
    Moved it.
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    Default Re: Several questions about KeeperFX config modifications

    Thanks for all the answers! I modified some settings. You're right about the gold. Thats funny. Creatures think there is not enough but you have.
    I created a new map but with same script and after some time things disappear. You said it. The thing limit. I wonder if its possible to set it higher with KeeperFX. My computer has enough power to manage much more things.

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    No, this is a hard limit. There can be 2047 things and 255 creatures.
    This is a fundamental flaw in the game, and can only be resolved when a large part of it is rewritten. We all have computers now that are faster than we had in the nineties.

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