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Thread: My very 1st maps by UM21

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    Quote Originally Posted by PossessMePlease View Post
    both levels are pretty good

    1.thought about possesing fairy and attacking the creatures in lair to get level 4 but no possession is allowed.then thought about locking reaper with heal spell after he gets mad and grant all the melee creatures some levels but no spells around to lock him,so it looked challenging but you gave us unlimited gold and create imp (use hounds flame to kill wizard and barbarian) + orc hound and dragon makes a reaper 2 of them are already level 8 so you are ready for action since you can back up your reaper with more level 2 reapers due to unlimited creature coming out of the portal

    2.drop imp to unclaimed portal dig to the level 7 white reaper he will kill both keepers,yellow keeper only has 2 or 3 vampires rest of the creatures are level 1 since he builds rooms by 2x2 for some reason so gold suply is more than enough to prepare
    I do not even remember these maps anymore, mainly as I simply made them and published them on here and never played since last time, which was long time ago. But I am glad you did like 'em.

    Nowadays I have been edited my campaign heavily. Overhauling things there and elsewhere, adding some, removing some and making game play slightly easier. However, I am not sure at all how things work with different patches, as I am still on regular 0.46

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    I uploaded Plotsmlokker to the map list:

    I made some fixes though. You had missing 'ENDIF' statements in the script, some broken objectives, duplicate objective ID's and your imp-limit code did not work.
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    I've played plotsmlokker a few times now, from the version YourMaster uploaded. This is a very interesting level, and I've enjoyed playing it - I haven't beaten it yet, but I think I can now see how.

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    EDIT: Ok. I will play that map... I have 0% memory of how it worked.

    EDIT: I played the map... I didn't enjoy too much. I give yet another go. Perhaps there is something more. I simply don't remember this at all.
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