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Thread: Custom Sounds In-Game

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    Allows to play any SOUND or SPEECH from the game. Example:

    So is it possible to play a custom .wav in-game using the above script? The other campaigns bundled with FX have theirs play before/after levels, but I don't think there have been any that play during a level.
    The wording "from the game" implies it only works on the original Mentor voice lines.

    This is deeply important to me. I've been building a campaign with the intention that the above was possible, but I never actually bothered to clarify it.

    While i'm here, is it possible to change the video that shows at the end of the campaign? The one with the trolls all dancing around the fire.

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    Currently both things you've mentioned are not implemented, but they can be made quite fast when the requirement arise.

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    So, as my best friend in the whole world whom I am deeply appreciative of and possibly attracted to, you would implement it after I had finished building the majority of the campaign?

    Oh baby.

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