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Thread: Campaign - New game plus

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    Default Campaign - New game plus

    I've made a campaign: "A Dungeon Keeper - New Game+". It is the original bullfrog campaign, tweaked for for experienced players.

    The levels have received minor tweaks to make them interesting again. A slight increase in difficulty, but still below that of "The Deeper Dungeons".
    Requires KeeperFX nightly build 1466 or newer. People using the full version should use 0.4.6 or newer. This because it uses the new keeperfx script commands.

    What's different from the original campaign:

    • Tutorial levels streamlined for experienced players: Faster, no tutorial messages.
    • Additional hero’s added in first few levels. Not to increase difficulty, but to at least include a fight.
    • Boosted all rival keepers with the best AI, a dungeon to start out with and a prison. This to compensate for the lack of a brain.
    • Transfer creature special is no longer ‘easy mode’. The first 7 levels assume you transfer a creature when available; the other levels have the transfer special removed or only accessible by earning it.
    • The two secret levels with the ‘Rogue Imps’ now truly have Rogue imps. It will take a skilled player to get complete them, and the reward is reduced.
    • Small tweaks to the levels to prevent the player cheesing through. Starting on level 7, expect to be challenged.
    • In level 16 and 18 the player is rewarded for taking the second portal.

    To install extract the archive to your KeeperFX installation directory.


    I've played through it myself a few times, and I'd love to hear feedback: Not just on what you like or dislike, but also if the levels seem to play out like they should. Keepers act out differently every time, and I can only play-test so much.
    I will update the file when people have issues.

    Personally I was surprised how enjoyable some of the levels became with some minor modifications. It almost seems like the original map designers where told the keeper AI would improve before release, but it never did. Giving them a head start makes a world of difference.

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    Default Re: Campaign - New game plus

    Going to try it immediately!

    EDIT: Wait, wut? 0.4.6?

    EDIT: Nvm, I did misread lol. Anyway, going for it --->
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    Default Re: Campaign - New game plus

    You are the devil. I was just dabbling with the idea for a New Game+ and even made a few of the levels for it.

    Guess i'll have to name it to something else.

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    Default Re: Campaign - New game plus

    Or we could lay them side by side, and integrate the two based on which levels are best.

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    Default Re: Campaign - New game plus

    Wouldn't work at all. You said yourself you made few but significant changes which is probably the opposite of what I intended. As long as it was recognizeable at a glance and the core gameplay played like the original map, it was okay.
    Either way, i've only done three maps and one of them is from deeper dungeons so for this conversation, it doesn't count. It's not like I was a map or two away from completion. Why'd you decide to do it? For me, it was because it's so much easier to work when you have a template of sorts to go on. Creating a new map is hard because, even though I know how I want the level to play and I can visualize it to an extent, I can't translate it into something I actually like in the editor. It makes finishing campaigns quite difficult; it's so much easier to open up an already made map and then cut it, chop it, dissect it and stitch new parts on until there is a functioning frankenstein of a map. The issue is, the map that pops out might not necessarily be one that fits into any of the campaigns i'm working on.

    Here's my chopped version of Belbata. It's in the finished folder but I don't think i've actually fully finished it so if you get around to playing it and see some misaligned traps or whatever, do tell. Wouldn't be surprised if it still had the reveal map special at the heart.
    I'll give your campaign a go tomorrow morning. If what you say is true, I shouldn't be able to blaze through it in a few hours like every man and his dog can do with the default campaign.

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    Default Re: Campaign - New game plus

    I did it not because I wanted to make maps, but because I like playing the original campaign. However, whenever I play the campaign, there are things that frustrate me,... level 1 for example you get 101 silly messages, level 2 you get a training room and plenty of creatures and yet you still face only one lvl 1 knight. Further on, every level can be easily won by just the level 10 Mistress you can transfer indefinitely, even if you don't claim a portal. Then there are also levels where you have to face a keeper and he doesn't do anything (this was even worse on release day with the original AI)

    So those are the changes I made. It is still the same basic campaign, and I you can still blaze through in a few hours (the first few levels should go even faster then they used to). Like mentioned, I have not tried to increase the difficulty, it is still below deeper dungeons difficulty. For example the party that now spawns in level 2 consists of 7 low level creatures and comes a lot sooner, but can still be defeated no problem with the creatures you have if you claim the portal and train properly.

    It is possible to finish the entire campaign without dying once. I did die a few times however, simply by being overconfident and not expecting to be attacked by the rival keeper just yet.


    I've played Teltaba, and I enjoyed it. It played nothing like Belbata.
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    Default Re: Campaign - New game plus

    I'm working on a revised campaign, and the difficulty is cranked up (stronger heroes, exploits being closed, enemy keepers getting prefabbed bases.

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    Default Re: Campaign - New game plus

    I made a dumb mistake on level 15 and 16. The transfer creature specials are behind a wall and should only become available on a special condition. However, you can research the destroy_walls spell in these levels. I've fixed this. Please redownload the file.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hades View Post
    I'm working on a revised campaign, and the difficulty is cranked up (stronger heroes, exploits being closed, enemy keepers getting prefabbed bases.
    Yes, I assumed I would not be the only one with this idea.
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    Default Re: Campaign - New game plus

    I've started this campaign and it got me a few times already (the AI on level 8 is pretty fast with expanding if you don't intervene fast enough)

    I just finished level 9, but I fail to see how to obtain the Transfer creature special, you've blocked it off with a hero wall and there's no destroy walls spell to be found? Is it the point to play the secret level and transfer a creature from there?

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    Default Re: Campaign - New game plus

    Only just started this Campaign. Managed to do level one and two, and after taking a look at the scripts the AI is set to the hardest difficulty. Something to look forward to. Nice!

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