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Thread: Campaign - New game plus

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    I'm on the last level (level 20). It's a mess because, at the beginning, you can hear that the "supposedly imprisoned" Avatar destroys the blue Keeper. Afterwards, the hero waves pop up from hero portals near your base (all level 10 + the second Avatar). Seems like a scripting bug right at the start of the map. You lose in less than 5 minutes.

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    O, great. I'll look into it, thanks.

    EDIT: I accidentally left my test-code in. You can replace the file in keeperfx\campgns\origplus with this one to make it work as it used to do: map00020.txt

    EDIT2: I updated the 0.4.8 package to make sure this script file is included.
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    Hey. I think that secret level 2 is bugged... or it is very hard. Is that correct when imps do nothing when Hound is attacking dungeon heart? Also disabled picking up ability is intended?

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    Disabling pickup is intended. Imps should fight the hound though, but only if they are close.

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    hmm.. the hound runs into dungeon heart with ca. 3 imps and that's it.

    Note about Nevegrim.
    Quote from wiki:
    Surrounding a room with Guard Post Icon Small Guard Posts will maximize its Efficiency. This is something to consider seriously in a realm without walls. Efficiency in a Training Room Icon Small Training Room is quite literal: creatures will train faster for the same amount of money.
    It doesn't work for me
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    That guard post bug has long been fixed.

    And it's harder to get the imps to fight if you can't pick them up. There's ways to get them there though.


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    Yeah, thanks for reply.
    I thought that guard post ability wasn't bug.
    As for your spoiler comment, I knew that. I was finding some bugs for unknown reason :/ ok, let's play imp lvl

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    Walls and doors determine rooms, and thus efficiency. Other high slabs like dirt, gold and rock also help. Without it, it would be best to always build your dungeon without interior walls and doors, and just use guard posts. The same bug is also fixed for bridges.

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    Ok. I've played imp level (secret 2) and did it once. The reward is dark mistress 4 lvl. Now i've just passed Sleepiburgh (14th) and got bad luck. AI built the bridge to the Resurrect Creature so I needed to do the secret level again. Just after the beggining, all imps die. Cannot do anything.

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    Didn't you get 2 mistresses the first time? In any case, in the latest version of NG+, you only get to transfer each secret unit just once.

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