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Thread: Campaign - New game plus

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    Yeah, only one. You should do some kind of guide about differences between OC and NC+ or point me that one or even tell me that i'm to lazy to read

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    Strange, I just had a quick look, and I really do get 2 mistresses in that level.
    I'm not doing a full write up on all the changes. Mostly because I can't be arsed, but also because it's part of the charm to be get the unexpected surprises.

    In general though:
    - Tutorial removed
    - Made is harder to cheese all levels with a transferred or bonus unit
    - Removed some exploits that allowed people to skip playing the original levels.

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    Thanks for reply.
    I'm on 20 level. I have similar bug like quote:
    Quote Originally Posted by RickyC View Post
    I'm on the last level (level 20). It's a mess because, at the beginning, you can hear that the "supposedly imprisoned" Avatar destroys the blue Keeper. Afterwards, the hero waves pop up from hero portals near your base (all level 10 + the second Avatar). Seems like a scripting bug right at the start of the map. You lose in less than 5 minutes.
    In my case, heros appear from portals with avatar and walk right to the my dungeon heart. After that they go to blue keeper and kill him.
    Dungeon Keeper FX ver I will try the fix that was made.

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    Yeah, sorry, everybody who downloaded KeeperFX 0.4.8 before 2020-09-02 will have that issue there, unless they download that new text file. It's really that I left my test-code in that spawned the heroes right from the start.

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    ok, no offense.
    I really like your interpretation of Dk campaign. This is my favourite game ever and thanks for you, i felt like playing new game.
    I had hated you at 14th and 15th but finally it made me to play those maps very different way. Let's play 20th.

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    Great, happy to hear it.

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    I'm on level 9 and i can see a special box surrounded by impenetrable rock. In the normal levels this part of the map is accessible. But i can't see a way through now?

    I get that this is supposed to be harder and maybe you aren't supposed to get some of those special boxes but wouldn't be better to remove it completely instead of making it inaccessible? If it's visible it makes me think there's must be a way to get it. Maybe there is?

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    There's secret objectives on how to get them. Pay attention to hints. But the intended way to complete the campaign is without the transfers, so no loss if you miss them.

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