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Thread: Got problem on the forum

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    Default Got problem on the forum

    i have a little problem here on the keeperklan forum, i can't open spoilers(i think its called that). for example: in the thread "Dungeon Keeper 2 patch -DK2 with Better balance(and Pie)" i cannot look for the changes, which are listed in the first post. When clicking the cross to open the change-list nothing happens. is it a setting which has to be changed, i did already check the settings but couldn't find a checkbox to do so.

    Greetings, Deadworker.

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    The site is currently broken. This is just one of many issues, all caused by a problem with the security certificate. As a result, your webbrowser blocks the scripts on the page, like the one that opens spoilers, the buttons when creating posts and the chatbox.

    Tell your browser to ignore the security risk on this page, and it will start working again.
    In Internet Explorer this is the 'Show all content' button, in Firefox click the little shield in the address bar and select 'Disable protection on this page'. In chrome, something similar.

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    thank you very much it works now.

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    got this problem again since i upgraded my firefox to the newest version "44.0". I can't open spoilers and pictures, for example in the Kassabian Campaign Thread, aren't loaded. But this time i can't just simply "ignore" that. So how can i activate an exception for this site with the newest firefox. i tried to google it, but all custom help was related to earlier versions and the firefox service site didn't help much either.

    Greetings, Deadworker.

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    Not the same problem. Last time it was some sort of problem with the ssl certificate, so you could make a security exception.

    Now perhaps the images are just gone, or the image server is a bit slow or something.

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    Well its kinda strange, cause it occurs only on threads in this forum. actually there should be a a green lock left to the URL saying "secure connection", which does appear on the forum itself, but as soon as i switch to any thread this green lock disappears and is replaced with a grey lock crossed with an red line, saying "this connection is not secure". i actually trust this forum to be save, but i have no idea how to do an exception. i could do that exception with the last version of firefox i had, but with the new version there is no simple button to say "i know the risk".

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    Yes, I would expect the images not loading to be a problem with the forum. But this does sound like a security issue of some sort, I don't know why though.
    I also use firefox and have the 'green lock' on every page of this forum.

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