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Thread: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    Marteal, now finished with the Mystery Door, a Sentry trap, and a Freeze trap, decides to take a break for some food. He walks over to the Hatchery, and begins to consume the local chicken population, almost eating wood along with some meat. Once his meal was complete, he wonders around the Dungeon. Upon his entry to the Training Room, he notices a Rogue training in it.
    "Me tinks me shold train bit. Woldn't hurt much." The Orc approaches a Training Dummy, and begins to attack it.

    Health: 100%
    Level: 1.2
    Mood: Normal
    Gold: 0
    Status: Training
    Summary: Finishes some traps, gets food, wonders around, trains.
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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    Ryan & Pel

    Without moving even a little bit, Ryan's eyes opened up wide following of a frantic glimpse around the room. His hearth pumped as fast as he checked his surroundings, before it begun to return to its normal pace. Ryan waited a few seconds longer before he finally got up and left his bed.

    The paranoia is in bloom...

    The merc stretched himself before he made his way back to the hallway leading to the training room. He would still prefer having a proper arena fight, but he had to do something. But this something hadn't have to be train again. Instead of this he walked into the hatchery and from there right to the next room. He smiled as he saw dozens of bookshelves.

    Researching, eh? Well, better books are a better company then those ugly dummies anyways.

    He didn't quite knew what exactly the Keeper wanted researched, but after he stepped into the room he spotted a few books lying on the floor. Without hesitation the merc walked up to them and picked one up.

    The heal spell? Quite boring, but whatever...

    Still carefully looking at the nearby hallways Pel continued to hit the dummy in front of him. Since this kind of training couldn't hurt him anyways he didn't have to do this carefully, he could be as detached as he wanted.

    Hm, should I avoid confrontation or should I risk it now? Not that he could do much anyways...

    Though Pel had no attention in rushing things, it would be good for him to see a human face again. The rouge was still undecided, so he just continued with his training, still thinking about the best way to approach his target.

    Luckily Ryan was a quick reader, so he nearly finished two books before he finally got up, really enervated.

    Next time I come here I can hopefully read something more exciting... hopefully this spell is researched by now, don't know how much time my predecessors invested in this.

    The merc got up and made his way out of the silent library and entered the noisy training room. And then he spotted him. Without any hesitation Ryan drew his crossbow and aimed for the rouge ten steps away.


    Pel saw the door moving, saw another rouge entering and saw him drew his weapon. Despite of all his carefulness Ryan still found him too soon.

    Well that's unfortunate.

    Pel's glimpse lay on the other rouge the entire time, as he approached him he tried to calm down like always before he made himself ready for an important conversation.

    "Hey there, long time not seen!"

    Ryan's lips formed a dark grin.

    "Don't even try this. And now, more importantly..." The merc made another step towards Pel and pressed the crossbow against his chest, the loaded bolt scratching his armor. "Why are you here? You're following me?"
    His counterpart didn't move at all, but his mien became even more amused than it seemed before.

    "Let's say I know from my sources that you want to know certain things, things I have the answer to."

    "Ah yes. Really?"

    "You know me. I'm not fooling around with you."

    "And what do you get from this?"

    "This we can discuss if we can talk civilized and put our weapons away."

    Ryan Summary
    Health: 100%
    Location: Training room
    Gold: 0.00
    Level: 1.35
    Keeper Approval: 23 (slightly Positive)
    Mood: Pissed of.
    Status: Talking with Pel.
    Quick Summary: Ryan woke up, researched the heal spell and then confronted Pel.

    Pel Summary

    Health: 100%
    Location: Training room
    Gold: 0.00
    Level: 1.16
    Keeper Approval: -12
    Mood: Pressured
    Status: Talking with Ryan.
    Quick Summary: Pel continued to train before he got caught by Ryan. He then tried to calm him down and follow the plans he made up earlier for this confrontation.
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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    Ryan & Pel

    Ryan gave his counterpart a contemptuous glimpse before lowering his crossbow, though he still held it in his hand.

    “Now talk before I rethink this entire thing.”

    Pel smirked again and looked over to the orc who was completely ignoring the situation. Though Ryan couldn’t tell what exactly he was thinking, his condescending look told him everything.

    Bastard’s still a racist…

    A few seconds later the rogue stretched himself before turning away and laughing.

    “We both know that you won’t kill me.” He looked over his shoulder before he continued. “Of course you would be able to do it but we both know that you’re not stupid enough to kill someone you need.”

    Ryan didn’t move, nor said he anything. It was clear that Pel could really know something, but the merc had no desire in showing his thoughts. And alone that he was able to find him was evidence enough that Pel could be more dangerous than Ryan thought, so he decided to keep his distance for the moment.

    “I’ll deal with you later.”

    Ryan holstered his weapon and made his way out of the training room with slow and confident steps; though he tried to look superior he couldn’t resist ramming his shoulder into Pel as he passed him. Ignoring the struggling rogue Ryan left the room and added in an amused tone: “Don’t try to follow me.”

    “You should be careful next time, you could hurt yourself.” Shouted Pel before Ryan got out of his reach. He looked as the merc made his way through the guard room, his hand lying on his sword. Only after Ryan was out of sight Pel started to relax a little bit.

    Well, that worked better than I expected. At least he’s not completely hostile… though I should better prepare myself if things get out of control…

    With that in mind Pel draw his weapons and moved to a spot where he could overview all the entrances his target could take back into this room. Then he started to train again, harder and more dogged than before. If it would come to a serious confrontation, he would have the upper hand.

    After crossing the bridge Ryan took a quick look over his shoulder to make sure no one followed him. A brief moment later he stopped and continued his way. Though he had no idea where this way would lead him he was sure that there shouldn’t be a problem as long as he remained in his Keepers borders. It was a nice change to not having anything to do, even if all the tasks he performed earlier in this dungeon were more or less self-initiative since the Keeper hasn’t addressed him yet. Not that he’d complain about that, he preferred to be left alone if a conversation was just about the sake of formality. Unfortunately that was the only language Pel knew if someone wasn’t an obvious enemy to him.

    One of the main reasons I hoped I’d never see him again. How the hell was he even able to track me down and that in the exact same time I’d need someone who has sources like him? Guess I wasn’t careful enough, was only a matter of time until I run into someone Pel knows. Still, no one should be able to know what I want. Never mentioned anything anyways…

    Ryan stopped directly as he entered a hallway laid his hand on his forehead. As much as he hated headaches, now wasn’t the time for him to rest. Pel’s presence could either be an advantage or a warning sign. Either way, Ryan needed to get better in combat anyways and if Pel would really provide the info he needed he’d most likely have to fight anyways so it was better to get ready now than later. At the first branch he looked around and was pleased to find a second training room. This was much better than his initial plan which would’ve been even more useless than hitting motionless training dummies.

    Some things never change Ryan thought and took his crossbow. Not even a second later the first bolt was on its way.

    Exhausted Pale stopped for a moment to regain his breath. His hard training seemed to pay off, since he nearly got one level better than before. At least it felt that way.

    Don’t know if I even need this… Maybe I’m able to finish this right now, no games, no waiting, and no stupid training.

    Once again he pulled the copied map out and looked at the second dungeon, the place where Ryan presumably went. As soon as the training room crossed his glimpse there was no question to where Ryan headed.

    And hey, there’s even a portal for a quick escape! Hope this is worth it. Though I may have to make up an excuse for going there, if things don’t go like planned. For all I know someone could be following me… Hmm. Great, there’s nothing unique there! But I could talk to Ryan if I can’t get him there. Hey, this could be easily turned into a failsafe plan! Though that all depends now on my powers of persuasion and if I can deliver this good enough.

    He looked up and smirked again.

    Of course I can!

    After some time of training Ryan lowered his right arm with the crossbow, as well as the left one with his shortsword. He just stood there for a moment, looking at the prison next to the training room. After a moment he stretched himself and returned to his task.

    Ryan Summary
    Health: 100%
    Location: Training room on the west side of the dungeon
    Gold: 0.00
    Level: 1.50
    Keeper Approval: 23
    Mood: Annoyed
    Status: Training hard.
    Quick Summary: Ryan talked with Pel before moving to the other training room to get stronger than his opponent..

    Pel Summary

    Health: 99%
    Location: Training room on the east side of the dungeon
    Gold: 0.00
    Level: 1.39
    Keeper Approval: -12
    Mood: Happy
    Status: Planing his assassination.
    Quick Summary: Pel continued to train to be ready for his assassination wherefore he makes his plans later.
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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    Martheal l Ryan & Pel

    Pel put the map away again and stood up. He needed a brief moment to groom his armor, before he walked over to the orc. He tried to look convenient and kept the words he needed in mind since this was pretty much the only way he could get a good excuse and a backup plan if things didn’t go well.

    “Hey there. I’m sure we haven’t met yet, so let me introduce myself; I’m Pel. Sorry about the turmoil earlier, but my friend was rather angry that I came here to help him with some of his problems. He doesn’t really like help so he flipped out, but I’m sure this was a one-time incident. But now I’ve asked myself why do we train here if this Keeper obviously owns a combat pit? I’m sure my friend would be in and you don’t even have to ask me about that, but it would be even more useful if we all three try to get a bit real experience down there. So can I count you in my friend?”

    Marteal stops training and stares blankly at Pel for a few seconds. Finally, he manages to say "Sure. I neds teh expir- trainin'."
    He stares for a bit longer, then adds "Er....Were is teh combat pit at, anways?"

    Pel smiled and replied calm, though internal he wasn't really happy nor patient: "Don't worry, I'll just go find my friend and then I'll be back. Just wait here for a moment."

    With luck I don't have to go back here... But a backup plan is always a good idea.

    Marteal nods, and adds "Ii'll be trainin' till you comes back." He turns back around and begins to hit the Training Dummy.

    Without hesitating even a moment Pel turned around and left the room. He walked with confident steps and looked straight forward. Though he didn’t remember every detail of the rooms on the other side of the lava he was just crossing he knew well what was important. If there would be any problems he’d just have to take a look on his map anyways, so he wasn’t really concerned about that.

    “Feels like the air’s burning.” He muttered, looking at the glaring lava with a slightly annoyed look on his eyes.

    After he reached the entrance to the second part of the dungeon it didn’t take him long to get near the training room. Even up to here the sound of the fight the dummies put up against Ryan could be heard. It seemed like his target was busy, but Pel remained careful. Even know he could easily be detected if Ryan put his guard up. With his right hand on the sheath he slowly made steps towards the noise, it took him two to get Ryan into his field of vision. His heart had begun pumping wild while the adrenaline rushed through his body and transferred his mind into a glassy state where he noticed every little detail around him. His own breath was as load as it were swords that collided.

    Only twenty steps apart from his goal he begun to get faster and faster. Until his prey seemed to realize that something wasn’t right, that something was near. Without any hesitation Pel slowed down and took his hands from his weapons. Only a second later, as Ryan noticed him and focused his weapons on him it became clear to him that he couldn’t have won would he have stuck with his first plan. He’d exhale relieved now if the circumstances would be different.

    “You. You’re following me? What the hell do you really want? Tell me now or this bolt will nail you onto the fucking wall!”

    “Sorry my friend, I didn’t mean to sneak up on you…”

    “Don’t call me friend! You’ve lost that right, and you should know this by now!”

    “Alright, alright, calm down! I was just going to ask you if you’d like to have a bit training in the combat pit. Real training. I thought you’d appreciate that.”

    “Oh and this is why you really came up here? How long have you waited out there?”

    “Trust me, this was the reason I came here, really! I already asked someone for a fight and just thought you might join, if you come with me he can tell you. It’s really just this; I want real training as much as you do.”

    Ryan lowered his weapons but still stared at his counterpart with a hateful glimpse.

    “Alright then. Let me see him. Let’s see how your bullshit story turns out and if you didn’t lie I might enjoy giving you some punches later on. Go ahead.”

    Pel smiled before he answered, calm as ever. “If you don’t point your weapons at me, sure.”

    They left the training room and headed backwards, they remained silent until they got to the bridge, where Ryan asked: “How do you even know of the arena? I was there before you arrived and you couldn’t have got there without me noticing you.”

    Pel shrugged while they entered the guard room. “There are maps in the guard room. I saw it on one.”

    A few moments later they approached Marteal, where Pel nodded while Ryan asked. “So Pel here really asked you for an arena fight? If yes you can count me in, if not I have some things to.. deal with” he looked down on his sword before his eyes focused the orc again.

    Marteal stops bashing the dummy (which, by its condition, was probably thanking the Gods for the pause), and turns, listening to Ryan. After he is done speaking, Marteal replies "He did ask me if me wants some trainin' in teh combat pit. Me said me needed some prec- prac- err....trainin', and said it was fine by me." He turns to Pel, and adds "Leads the way."

    Pel smiled and nodded but couldn’t resist giving Ryan a look that said “Told you so.” After that the group made its way to the combat pit, were they stopped. Pel turned around and pointed at the black knight in it. “What’s up with him?”

    Ryan stopped him with a wave of his and stepped beside Pel. “That guy just stood there for a day or so. I don’t think he even realizes we’re here. I’m not even sure if he’s alive.”

    “Ah. Whatever, I think we just go into the pit and fight all versus all? “

    Ryan shrugged. “Pretty much. Though you can be sure that I’m going to concentrate my attacks on you.”

    Pel looked over to Marteal, expecting his answer before entering the pit, while Ryan already jumped down and drew his weapon.

    Marteal offers no reply, and instead jumps down after Ryan, winding his arms up to get ready for the fight. He looks over at the Black Knight......Then turns back around to the group that he was fighting with.

    Pel shook his head and followed the others. He drew his sword as one of Ryan’s bolts already streaked his head, leaving a small wound behind.

    “We’re not supposed to kill us here!” Pel shouted as he was charging towards Ryan. He tried to hit him from above, but the merc yanked his crossbow up. Before Pel could react Ryan kicked him into the stomach and used this to make a roll backwards. Before Pel was even back on his feet the first bolts hit him.

    It was still nice to see that these methods worked out, but after Pel would realize what he was playing he couldn’t be certain that these tricks work anymore. But now after his one opponent was temporary neutralized he aimed at Marteal and fired three bolts while walking backwards, one after another, slow and steady aimed.

    Pel slowly got back on his feet while grabbing his weapon.

    Oh, I will get this done right now!

    With three bolts flying at him, Marteal just calmly shrugged and did what he did best. He brought his shield up, and deflected the first two arrows, sidestepping the third, and charged Pel, shield still up to discourage any further arrows.
    The ground trembled with every running step as a juggernaut charged the Rogue. Nearly in front of him, Marteal swings his hammer down, then follows with another swing to the right.

    Pel rolled away as soon as he heard the orc coming and tried to get on his feet with another roll, but apparently he wasn't fast enough. Only a brief moment later pain exploded in his left arm. Stumbling the rogue brought distance between himself and the orc, only to get shot again. He dodged the next few bolts by Ryan and tried to get behind him now, which would leave him open to attacks from him and Marteal.

    Ryan continued to target Pel until he got up and moved into his direction.

    Trying to stab me in the back? I don't think so!

    Ryan immediately holstered his crossbow and made steps into his opponents direction while drawing his sword.

    This is it! Pel smiled while now directly charging Ryan. His sword was directed at his throat, it would be easy to convince everyone that this would be an accident and that it was no murder. Ryan wouldn’t be able to block his attack now, merely two meters separated them from each other.

    Before Pel could react Ryan used speed on himself and surprised his opponent. The look on Pel’s face became skeptical, the only thing he could do before Ryan’s hilt smashed against his head and sent him back to the floor. Before leaving his opponent he kicked against his stomach again, before turning back at Marteal.
    He nodded in his direction and lifted his weapon, ready to face the next opponent.

    It’s going to be much more fun with this speed spell. He thought to himself.

    Marteal relaxes, and asks "Yous done with that Rogue you no like? And no lies. Me my not be intal- intel- me saw yous hatred for him.
    He shifts his center of gravity again, getting ready to continue his battle against the Rogue known as Ryan.

    Ryan looked down to Pel with a derogatory glimpse before looking back to Marteal.

    "I guess he's out."

    The merc then put his sword away and took his crossbow again. He didn't want to talk, he wanted to see what he could do with his new ability. Unlike the training room he finally could test out all the strategies whoch would be a waste for dummies anyways.

    "Always wanted to use that in a close quarter combat and with speed..." he muttered to himself while walking towards his opponent.

    Suddenly the blackness dissapeared and the pain came back.


    Pel rolled onto his back and touched his broken nose. Blood ran down his face and besmirched his hand.

    It's never easy with such assasinations, is it?

    Ryan Summary

    Health: 99%
    Location: Combat pit
    Gold: 0.00
    Level: 2
    Keeper Approval: 23
    Mood: Amazed
    Status: Ready to fight Marteal.
    Quick Summary: Ryan trained, then fought in the combat pit with Marteal and Pel. He reached level 2 and got the "Speed self" spell whioch he used to take out Pel.

    Pel Summary

    Health: 76%
    Location: Combat pit
    Gold: 0.00
    Level: 1.49
    Keeper Approval: -14
    Mood: Frustrated
    Status: Wounded in the pit
    Quick Summary: Pel tried to assasinate Ryan in the combat pit, though he failed due to Ryan's speed abilty. Though the others think he's knocked out he regained consciousness.

    Health: 100%
    Level: 1.5
    Mood: Normal
    Gold: 0
    Status: In Combat
    Summary: Tags along with Ryan and Pel in a battle in the Combat Pit.

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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    Martheal l Ryan & Pel

    Matreal charges Ryan, knowing he is sped up and is determined not to slow down. He swings his hammer around to the right, then a downward stroke, followed by a quick bash with the shield. He continues to swing in wild abandon, trying to hit the speedy Rogue, without knowing that Pel woke up.

    Ryan was still in normal walking speed as his opponent charged him. With his crossbow over his shoulder he rolled to the side and made a quick step into the orcs direction before firing his crossbow. The merc then made a turn while loading his crossbow before he ran towards the wall eastern wall of the arena. He jumped and grabbed one of the spikes. He repelled his body from the wall quickly and turned around. Now he had the chance to target Matreal from a much higher position. The disadvantage was that he couldn’t reload, so the loaded bolt had to hit.

    Matreal still did have one advantage over the Rouge: He can aim. He braces himself, tossing his shield straight at Ryan, determined to get him down. The shield flies straight, heading for the Rogue. Matreal also charges to where the merc is at, wanting to get him when and if he gets down.

    Ryan saw what was coming and reflexive lifted his crossbow. He tried to slam it into the projectile, but with all the force that hit him he was unable to hold onto the spike any longer. The merc fell to the ground but could come back at his feet fast enough to see Marteal coming. During this he unfortunately fired his weapon, hitting nothing but air. Quickly reloading his crossbow he casted Speed again and also ran towards his opponent, though he rolled to the side before they reached each other. In a better spot he fired his bolts now in Matreals back. With the effects of speed he could shoot one bolt in only three seconds, even by now he already fired five who hopefully would find their target.

    Pel rammed his sword into the ground and slowly pressed himself up on it. He tried to get an overview of the fight between Ryan and Matreal. Luckily they both didn't look into his direction, so he had plenty of time to limb into their direction, dragging his sword behind himself. The weak sound of sharp metal scratching stone followed Pel.

    Marteal, watching Ryan get off the spikes and roll out of his way, finally stopped and turned toward Ryan, not noticing Pel. The first bolt bit into the Orc's skin, but did little damage (and, if anything, just annoyed him). Marteal stepped out of the way of the next few bolts, and ran a circle around Ryan, attempting to find a good time to fetch his shield.

    Ryan continued to fire two bolts before he finally charged towards his opponent and tried to smash the crossbow into his face.

    Damn! Pel thought while still moving towards the other two fighters, the wound on his face still hadn't stopped bleeding.

    Marteal stopped and waited for Ryan to get within reach.....And charged, ramming into him and charging past him, moving the spikes. When there, he grabs his shield, turns back around and charges again. The Orc follows this charge with an upper-cut bash with the shield, then swings to the left, following with a right swing.

    As soon as his foe was past him Ryan threw holstered his crossbow away and drew his shortsword.


    As soon as the merc shouted the orc already attacked. Ryan countered the first attack and dodged the next and had his weapon already in position to hit Matreal, but suddenly he screamed out of pain as something pierced his left shoulder.

    Pel grinned as his sword hit Ryan and his shiv came back out with a small blood fountain.

    Can't risk a kill now, but at least I can hurt you.

    Quickly he withdrew his weapon again, let Ryan sink down on his knee.

    “I think we’re done. You can’t fight with a wound like that. We should patch you up before you…”

    Before he could finish his line Ryan turned around and punched him into the face. Pel saw it coming and simply lifted his arms blocked the attack without any effort.

    “You lose even more blood when you do that,”

    Marteal stepped back a few steps, and waited, winding his arm up for a toss. After a few seconds, he tosses his hammer, a massive tool only a fly, with any certainty, could dodge. Along with this, someone spoke within his head, announcing to him: YOU HAVE REACHED LEVEL 2!

    Pel concentrated himself on Ryan and tried to calm him down, so unlike the merc who took a quick look over his shoulder and jumped away with Speed in time all Pel could do as the massive hammer approached him was opening his eyes wide. A brief moment later the projectile hit him directly in the chest and threw him a few steps back. For some seconds Pel couldn’t really breathe. Though he tried to calm himself down and get his body on its feet again he needed nearly fifteen seconds for that, fatal in a real fight.

    As he was back up he hissed over to his opponent. “You’ll see what such foolish things gain you!”

    Throwing his weapons away in the middle of a fight was never a good idea and the orc would see that soon enough. Pel looked over to Ryan who already had his crossbow aimed at him. The rogue didn’t even bother with his mien or tone anymore; he just whipped the crossbow out of Ryan’s hands and punched him with it in his face, sending him down to the floor again.

    Pel then limbed towards Matreal who was dangerously near the wall. His left arm lowered with the sword in it and the right lifted and aiming with the crossbow on the orc the rogue begun to fire. He wouldn’t be able to dodge all of them and only one was needed to nail him against the wall. It wouldn’t harm him much, but it would hurt.

    Marteal, having expected the response of crossbow bolts, put his shield up and deflected the arrows, moving forward. After marching forward far enough, he grabbed Pel by his head, blocking his sight and his breathing. He then turned to the nearest spike wall, and begun walking toward it.

    Forgetting about the shield Pel lost control over the situation for a brief moment, but luckily he could free himself through biting his opponent in the hand. The taste of the orcs warm blood wasn't anything Pel enjoeyed, but he got free again. Without hesitation he slammed Matreal his elbow into his ribs and jumped backwards. Looking at Ryan who just got up he shouted: "You're still bleeding. You should tape that up." Pel then threw the crossbow over to the merc and turned around. Though it wasn't easy under his condition he climbed out of the pit and looked back to the other two fighters. To Ryan he shouted: "Catch you later." before leaving the room.

    Ryan looked up to Pel with a hateful glimpse, but finally picked up his weapons and put them away. With a hand on his wound he hissed: "I think we're done here. I think I'll blackout if I don't patch up that wound soon."

    Question is how I'll get out of this arena first...

    Marteal offers no reply, other than grabbing Ryan (along with his hammer), and climbing up out of the pit with him in hand. When they got out of the pit, he puts Ryan down and heads off, back to the toils of the Workshop. Ryan also walks off, heading to the Hatchery and then the Lair to recuperate.

    Ryan Summary

    Health: 54%
    Location: Combat pit
    Gold: 0.00
    Level: 2.15
    Keeper Approval: 23
    Mood: Pissed
    Status: Badly wounded
    Quick Summary: Ryan continued his fight with Matreal before he got stabbed by Pel in the back. Marteal then picks him up and gets him out, going their separate ways.

    Pel Summary

    Health: 52%
    Location: Somewhere near the combat pit
    Gold: 0.00
    Level: 1.20 (Due to changes regarding his spellset)
    Keeper Approval: -14
    Mood: Hateful
    Status: Wounded and out of the pit
    Quick Summary: Pel wounded Ryan badly before finishing the fight with Matreal and leaves the pit

    Health: 98%
    Level: 2.1
    Mood: Slightly Annoyed
    Gold: 0
    Status: Moving to Workshop
    Summary: Continues fight in the combat pit, retrieving his hammer, grabbing Ryan, climbs out, lets go of Ryan, heads to Workshop

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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    Skios continued the pursuit of the hero Dwarf. Eventually the Dwarf met up with two other units, an archer and a knight.

    The dwarf spoke up to them.


    : "Duuude, calm down. Haven't you heard? Lord Christopher has decided to go on a strategic retreat for the moment. I've heard that he said something about his scouting units mysteriously disappearing. He--"


    The Dwarf ran off into the distance. The Archer turned to the Knight.

    : "Eh, Craig. I think we should go too. Everyone else left already. Where were they going towards again? I think they said it was some place called Faircoast... Eh. Let's go."

    : "Right."

    The archer and knight walked off as well. Skios stared for a moment at the emptiness of the dungeon, then ran back to report to his Keeper, Larquidos.

    "Interesting... the Heroes all disappeared. That means all enemies in the realm have disappeared. I must report this to Larquidos."

    Skios continued on, on his way to return to the dungeon...


    Larquidos, meanwhile, stared at his dungeon. It appeared much emptier than before. He suddenly had only a handful of creatures showing any sign of life: the spider Krua, the orc Marteal and the rogues Ryan and Pel. He also had the spider Skios sent out to retrieve information, but he would catch up to that later. Rather, Larquidos looked at the rogues and orc, who have seemingly decided to have a 3-man free-for-all fight in the combat pit.

    Larquidos liked the initiative of his creatures taking it to the Combat Pit to get their training done the hard, but rewarding way. He watched as the fight went on. It was quite an interesting and exciting fight. He watched until the end, when the two Rogues crawled out with their share of wounds, while the Orc Marteal walked out almost unscathed.

    Then suddenly, Skios, who had been sent out to find the Heroes' whereabouts, returned to him. This pulled his attention away from the combat pit.

    "Skios... you returned already? What is it that made you return so quickly?"

    "Master", Skios panted, "The Heroes have left the realm! I overheard some of them saying that Christopher retreated and left to another realm! And they're all gone now!"

    "Why... that is most excellent news. Lord Christopher and his band were the last Heroes left to defend the realm. Now that they have disappeared... this realm is now MINE! Let's go ON, for this is but the start of my quest! I shall find Lord Christopher once again, and next time, I shall defeat him."

    Larquidos took a look around his dungeon and its conquered surroundings. He then glanced over the Library, where he saw a shiny Special lying around in the room. It was the Increase Level special, that he had been keeping around for a very long time. He knew that, were he be going to be leaving the realm, it would be silly and idiotic to not make advantage of the trinket. He should use it now, or he will never be able to use it again. The obvious choice was to do it now. He released the magic from the magic box, and its power spread over all creatures. It increased the power of all of his creatures that he still had.

    Your creatures have been blessed with experience.

    SKIOS: Level +1
    KRUA: Level +1
    MARTEAL: Level +1
    RYAN: Level +1
    PEL: Level +1

    (other, inactive creatures: Level +1)

    "Now, we are all set to go. I shall nest into another realm, and continue my quest, with you as my loyal servants!"

    He tasked all his creatures to follow him on his quest. (OOC: It's up to the RPer to decide if they want to follow the keeper into the new realm, or if they want to go elsewhere instead. Inactive creatures will automatically be sent into a "creature pool". (Similarly to being shelved) They can go to any realm they please but if they decide to follow the Keeper into the next realm, they suffer no level penalty)


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