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Thread: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

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    Default Crystalbarrow Catacombs


    Ruled: Lord Christopher
    Affiliation: Kingdom of Heavenarius

    This region of dreaming underlings is ruled by the noble Lord Christopher. He's kind, and fair, and doesn't imprison or torture his subjects...for some reason.

    Dungeon Status

    Dungeon Heart health

    Current Gold
    200 (Your Gold Reserves are Running Low!)

    Number of Imps

    One level-up special


    See attachment.

    Rooms constructed and under control
    2 Portals
    1 Treasury
    1 Lair
    1 Hatchery
    1 Training Room
    1 Library
    1 Workshop
    3 Guard Rooms
    1 Casino
    1 Prison
    1 Torture Chamber
    1 Combat Pit
    1 Graveyard
    3 Sections of Stone Bridge

    Available creatures
    Demon Spawn
    Bile Demon
    Dark Elf
    Black Knight
    Vampire (If rotting corpses are sufficient)

    Imprisoned enemies
    2 Archers
    1 Dwarf

    Corpses rotting on graveyard

    3 Tunneller Dwarfs
    2 Dwarfs
    7 Barbarians
    2 Bile Demon
    6 Goblins
    1 Orc

    Researched spells
    Create Imp
    Speed Monster
    Lightning Strike

    Researched Rooms
    Training Room
    Guard Room
    Torture Chamber
    Combat Pit
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs


    A battle rages on, Ivan the Spider, Thefsuth the Troll, Dasoop the Demon Spawn, Ookoo the Orc, Tu'vac the Salamander, and Kanquios the Demon Spawn are fighting against 2 Goblins and a Orc in the second blue Guardroom.

    Val'Kaz the Warlock is strapped to a torture device, at very low health.

    Necrotyc the Skeleton is a chicken, is pecking a Troll's feet.

    Fyoke is about to present the Torture Chamber room to the Keeper.

    And finally, Vergil is training.)
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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    Ugh! I go away for a measly day ((let's just say it was about a day, alrighty?!)) and my dungeon falls into complete dissaray. Haven't you ever heard of lost spirit exploration?!

    *Turns attention to the battle*

    Fight on, my minions, fight on and give my brother no rest! Continue pressing forward as you are and be careful of traps...

    *Attention to imps*

    WHAT? IDLE IMPS? You lazy beings, if you weren't naught but physical manifestations of my will i'd.... well, you don't want to know what i'd do. NOW STOP YOUR FRANTIC RUNNING AROUND AND CLAIM SOME NEW LAND!
    Lquiz seemed fond of this, so here i go
    *Total slap fest*.
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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    Ivan the Spider

    *Ivan looks up*

    "Good to see you are with us once again Keeper! It has been quite quiet without you here these last days." Ivan said.

    *Ivan continued to get back to the fight in the second Guardroom, before looking behind himself to watch the Imps FINALLY begin to claim the land. Ivan tipped his hat to them (As if they saw it.) and continued to the second Guardroom. Ivan walked into the enemy Treasury, slightly tempted to grab some gold, but ignored it. Once Ivan got back to the fight, it seemed like Tu'vac was still fighting with the Goblin, as blood was flying everywhere.*

    "That one has alot of blood now, does he?" Said Ivan.

    *Suddenly, another enemy Goblin jumped onto Ivan, stabbing him in the Abdomen. Ivan stabbed the Goblin's arm with one of his legs, and kicked him off. As Ivan was getting back up, the Goblin jumped onto Ivan again, stabbing him again. Ivan, kinda angry, bit the Goblin's leg, and flinged him off. Ivan got back up, and finally prepared himself for any attack from the Goblin. Sadly, the Orc threw his hammer into Ivan's face, and the Goblin started to attack someone else. Ivan couldn't see who the Goblin was about to attack, since Ivan has a hammer in his face right now.*

    Health : 40%
    Ivan is blinded near the second Guardroom.
    Level : 4.9
    Mood : Happy
    Efficiency : 70%
    Inventory : Web Net: Mistress Claw, and Two Chickens.
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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    When Dasoop got any further into the blue dungeon of Jarquidos, he met two Goblins and an Orc into a second Guard Room. Tu'vac was already there, fighting with the Goblins. Then, Ivan joined them and threw a chicken to every friends around. When Dasoop saw the chicken coming in its direction, he caught the the chicken in his wide open mouth. After a few "munches" and a "slurp", he felt better.

    - Heya! Thanks a lat for thata Ivan!

    Then, Ivan started fighting the other Goblin, knocking him out, ready to go in the Prison. Right after, he got attacked by another Goblin. He managed to defend himself, but he got knocked painfully by a throwing hammer from the Orc. The Goblin noticed the presence of Dasoop and started running toward him. Noticing that, Dasoop threw a screaming projectile into the Goblin's face to stop him and made him blind a little moment. Dasoop got that precious moment to jump on him and bit his arm that held the sword, but the Goblin punched Dasoop in his face near one of his eyes, pushing him back onto the floor.

    - Grrrraah!!

    Angry of that move, Dasoop ran back to the Goblin to jump on him again, but he got kicked by the Goblin and flew a few meters back to get knocked on the wall, and then on the Guard Room floor, dazed.

    Health = 58%
    Gold = 180 coins
    Dasoop the Demon Spawn is in the second Guard Room, fighting with a Goblin
    Level = 3 (23%)
    Mood = Dazed, but still able to fight
    Efficiency = 80%

    Summary of the situation = Dasoop got a chicken from Ivan and started fighting with a Goblin. He threw a projectile into his face and bit his arm, but got punched and kicked afterwards. He's now on the Guard Room floor, dazed of the hits.
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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    The Mentor

    You've claimed a guardroom!

    Keeper Jarquidos

    A CURSE upon you, brother! You and your creatures will not escape your ultimate fate!

    Vaturdo the Bile Demon

    Once again Vaturdo emerged from the portal, with an eyepatch covering his left eye now, and blood covering his hands. He did not say anything and moved to his home in the lair to take a nap.

    Vaturdo is sleeping in the Lair.
    Health: 80%
    Level : 2
    Mood: Tired
    Efficiency: 90%

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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    In the lair a gnarled troll stirs as if he's about to re-awake...

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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    (New record for me. This is the longest post I ever did in the RP. If anything here seems like Godmodding, let me know and I'll change it up.)
    Ivan the Spider

    *Ivan's sight recovered, and was able to see again, and what he saw, was another Hammer being thrown at his face again. Ivan caught the Hammer before it hit him and threw it back at the Orc.*

    "AUGH!" The Orc wailed in pain.

    *Seeing the Orc stunned for a moment, Ivan bit the Orc's leg and flinged him across the Room. The Orc's head met with the Steel Door. The Orc got up, pulled out another hammer and threw it at Ivan once again. Ivan tried to catch it again, but it was heavier than the other hammers, so it broke one of Ivan's legs.*

    "AGH!" Ivan yelped in pain.

    *Unable to feel his second right leg, Ivan stumbles towards the Orc, who ran out of hammers and is now using a Axe. The Orc swings his axe towards Ivan, who dodges it. Ivan creates a Web Lasso, while dodging the Orc's attacks, and throws it onto the Orc's Axe. The Orc didn't want his axe to be taken so easily, so he pulled with all his power to keep it. Ivan saw that if they kept going at this rate, noone will get the axe, so, Ivan bit the Orc's hands. The Orc let go of the axe, grabbing his bitten hand. Suddenly, the Orc stopped moving, and fell down onto the ground as poison dripped out of the Orc's hand.*

    Level Up!
    Ivan Learned Speed!

    *Ivan looks behind him, Tu'vac and Dasoop are still fighting against the last two Goblins, it looks like they are handling it. Ivan pulled out the Mistress Claw out of his Web Net and tries to pick the lock. A snap was heard, as the lock falls onto the ground, sadly, the Mistress Claw broke, so Ivan discarded it. Ivan took a step forward, and the next second later, was surrounded by poison gas. Ivan coughed, trying not to breathe in any poison. Ivan stumbled forward, eventually, Ivan got out of the poison gas. Ivan finally breathed in, and continued walking. The next thing he met was a Spike Trap going into his third left leg. Ivan resisted the urge to scream in pain, instead he rammed the axe he picked up earlier into the Spike Trap.*

    *After breaking the trap, Ivan sniffed around for any trace of Dranton or any ally that was imprisoned. Ivan couldn't find any smell of Dranton, but the smell of a Warlock seemed familiar to Ivan. Ivan slowly opens the wooden door leading into the Enemy Hatchery, spotting three Bile Demons gourging themselfs with chickens (One is Level 2, the others are Level 3). Hoping they wouldn't notice him, Ivan crept along the wall, into the doorless room. Ivan entered the Torture Chamber, the Warlock on the Wheel in the middle of the room smelled of ally. Ivan untied the Warlock off the Wheel, and handed him a chicken.*

    Health : 21%
    Ivan is in the Enemy Torture Chamber, not being Tortured.
    Level : 5
    Mood : Normal
    Efficiency : 80%
    Summary : Ivan killed the Orc with his poison bite, stole his axe, destroyed the Steel Door's lock with the Mistress claw, was hit by the Spike Trap, destroyed the trap with the axe, opened the wooden door to the enemy Hatchery, sneaked past the few creatures eating all the chickens, released Val'Kaz off the Torture Device and gave him a chicken.

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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    Vergil stopped training and turned toward the door that led to the bridge.

    ....Im not helping by just wating around here. As he finished this thought he opened the door and saw fighting still on the other side of the bridge and quickly ran across it to help.

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    Default Re: Crystalbarrow Catacombs

    The Lair

    Thefsuth lay in his battered goblin bed snoring loudly. The only force that made him jolt awake was the act of drowning on his own foul tasting drool.

    What muted tooth sucking in-bred let me over sleep!?

    Thefsuth creaked out of bed and saw the bandaged other stab wounds from when he battle charged three goblins that one time ((Did I forget to post the post in which Thefsuth died? I'm so glad I did))

    Goblin's loincloths! I could have treated the wounds better with a rusty battle axe!

    WAIT! There's a war going on! What selfish idiot waisted his worthless time patching me back to health when there's other worthless idiots on the opposing side ta kill!?

    The over sized Troll full iron hammer was dragged from it's resting point and then careered through the dungeon, Thefsuth soon cached up with Virgil on the bridge.

    Health : 100
    Summery: The The foul mouthed troll woke up and has caught up with Virgil on the bridge

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