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Thread: Guide to fun DK1 maps

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    Default Re: Guide to fun DK1 maps

    Hey I downloaded your Death Clock level.
    Am I the only one who the script doesn't seem to be completing for? I've played it 4 times now, and after the bonus timer disappears. Once I got attacked by the monks and wizards, then nothing and I left my computer on 512 frameskip for 15 minutes and returned to my creatures all trained and I still hadn't completed the level. I read through the script and noticed the last timer that's suppose to run wasn't set in parentheses, so I changed that, but then I got the samurai and knights to appear, and still didn't win the level, and the last 2 times the knights and samurai haven't appeared. All I keep getting each time is a never ending spawn of fairies outside the largest Hero treasure room. I also notice in the script there's continual mention of Samurai being owned by the Heroes, but when looking at the map through DK Editor, I can't see a Samurai on the map anywhere.

    Other than not being able to finish the level. I enjoy the level, the premise of opening up your abilities and gaining more power as you go is enticing. The layout's a bit too mysterious the first time you play it. There's no easy markers to make it obvious where to go to find their other fortresses.
    I agree with your premises in the 'guide' I reckon a campaign should entail all of these throughout rather that pertain all of them to single levels.

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    My apologies, the latest version of the map had too many script values, causing the final lines of script to be ignored (e.g. the win_game command). I've fixed this and uploaded a new version of the map.
    I've tested this version before uploading, all parties spawned and I was victorious. If you're still having problems, let me know.

    Samurai not pre-placed, but they like to party. They are in 'Cake', 'Surprise' and 'Hangover' and 'Cleanup'.

    Glad you still enjoyed it though. Did you lost the first 3 times, or did you simply play the map to completion 4 times? Indeed I feel that 'moving out' should be rewarded in a map, so the player always faces a choice: Wall up and train, or go out and get new stuff. I did the same thing on the other two maps I made..

    As for your comment on the layout, I've made the map in such a way that if you try to mine all the gold on the map your fly will find every hero fortress there is.

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    Alas, I almost lost the first time but once I knew the layout and knew I could get to the gems relatively easily, I played the other times with quite a good team to beat the level before I got attacked by many heroes and I would get to the same situation every time, just waiting for a finale that would allow me to conquer the realm, having claimed all the land and defended the respawning fairyland.
    Also your positioning of the gems meant that I didn't even know of the monks on the level the first time I played. I only found them after I pulled the map into editor to see if there was something in the script I was missing. Plus the troll was nicely hidden and I didn't see him the first time.

    I'll play your other levels tomorrow I think. I always enjoy playing new levels, though I especially like levels that challenge different strategies and subdue those who fall into routines of dungeon building, creature training then finding a safe ground then attacking. However much a good strategy that can be sometimes, like in Death Clock, that doesn't quite work as you have restrictions. I've created various maps where you need to find you dungeon and then attempt to attack the enemy with all you currently have before you gain the ability to advance.

    Where can I download your updated script? or should it have already been uploaded?

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    Quote Originally Posted by shortmicky View Post
    Where can I download your updated script? or should it have already been uploaded?
    I've updated it here, I always include the date of the last upload.

    And yes, the troll, graveyard and dungeon special where hidden. A little bonus for exploring. You'll note that on the map that came with the level these are missing.

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    Default Re: Guide to fun DK1 maps

    Most often made mistake in maps, if they work properly, is that they are too hard.

    Maps made by me also I must say, but I don't all the support ascribed to me uploads at Some off these maps I did not upload myself, but would sent them to Dzjeear, and he must have sent them to mefistotelis. When I made maps to upload, I would upload about one third of the maps that I made, I would delete the ones that would hang. Dzjeear and myself tried to figure out what made maps hang, so I would share maps with him, in order to figure that out.

    What I know about maps hanging, it is when maps are to full off things (*.tng), when AI keepers fight each other and the heroes, when there are too many workshops. Often the game goes to hang, when the workshops of the AI are full. To many creatures also makes them unstable. Map best has some rock at all borders, the risk off a map going to hang increased when important activity is done at the outer borders of the map. I would myself not upload any map that hangs, before mefistotelis started to upload every map he could find on the web.

    Maps on that page that I would recommend to play, would be Castle22, Ygdras drink. Maybe Watergate. Controlled Demolition is also very fun to play, but once played it one time, playing it more often gets boring, and it needs some tricks to win it in an easy manner. Normandy is also fun, but may be hard also if you dig the wrong way the first time. Castle22 is the most fun level I made, in my opinion, because I could play is many times without getting bored. I use some knowledge of the script however to play it, I am not sure whether other people also have fun in that map. I don't like to play Castle22 when the Keeper gets awake to quickly, because if it gets a chance to grow it becomes very strong.

    ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ ++++++
    Other fun fan made levels, mostly the ones from the 1990's. A list of maps I like: Happytown, Walldowns, Juliana, Amazing, Mount Dragoon, Valley of the Guardians, Cididal of Thieves, Dragonpeak. Also the levels by Steve, that I mailed a lot with when I made websites about maps. Pirates, Dragon Whelps, great maps. Hot Keeper I also like. But I must agree with Yourmaster, most maps after 2000 are terrible. Dzjeears maps have the problems described by Yourmaster at the beginning of this thread, just a large bunch of heroes coming at once, that one has to train for before, but at least they are easy to win, and not much of a stress.

    Saying this, most of the maps I made I find to hard also. If I would have a saying in it now, I would make all parties smaller, all AI Keepers with less max creates, and take out the maps that are not stable.
    Among the lists of my maps, there are two that I didn't build, Orcs Die that was made by Dzjeear, and Radioactive Good that was made by Steve Tupper.

    Steve Tupper made the mast funny maps, in my opinion.
    If you have ever played Dragon Whelps, or Pirates, you will understand what I mean. Dragon Whelps is emotional to play, like raising a familiy. Pirates has all the suggestions given by Yourmaster, keeps the player busy and has a nice dividing of strength in opponents, Gold and personal army.

    I must say, I find the drawings off maps also important.
    But the way the troop build up, timing, resources, is, that is important.
    I also played some maps by Mothrayas that I liked a lot, but he hasn't made much maps.
    I don't exactly understand why I don't like Duke Ragereaver maps, I always skip them when I look for a map to play.

    Some Japanese maps I highly admire because of the way they are drawn and scripted, Twin Keepers, but they are made to hard to be a fun game to play. I played them though, just to get impressed by the beauty of the Twin Keeper maps, awe some.
    Nikolai's Castles are completely unstable, every level goes to hang.
    Kiefs levels are horrible, much to hard. Can be won off course, after much irritating losses and looking for gold, but I do not have any desire to try.

    In general, Dungeon Keeper maps must be easy to win, but still challenging.

    A good script is important. Strong stories, as in Steve Tuppers maps, create a nice experience.
    I uploaded a map today, that still was not on line before, I think it will be fun for map makers to play in order to see some new technical possibilities.

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    Default Re: Guide to fun DK1 maps

    Thanks for all your suggestions, I'll try some of them.

    Take a look at this topic here, where I tried to accomplish a quick review for all the maps out there to have people know which are worth playing. There are lots of them though, so that will take a while and haven't played for some time now.

    I've also played one of your maps there, where you've played around with column mode but in a way that appeared to be glitched and it just seemed strange. I think you'll find this topic interesting.

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