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Thread: heroes sprinting?

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    forgot kinda, ill just make a vid of that savegame you couldnt load and you can be the judge.

    edit: here

    sorry for spamming m, i thought i could make my tab glitch disappear and illustrate that as well, but no luck.

    In the video it looks like they were just following a level 9 samurai (level 9 samurai is stronger than level 9 horny? who knew), but it looks like its actually working as intended (the leader wasnt speeding) so no problem there. However, i believe i did see tunnelers, who are leaders, go super fast in the level before.
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    Update to r1518 first, I think that's a massive improvement.

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    As a player who strictly plays only the origional DK gold (or the GoG version), I can say that the followers sprinting to catch up to the leader is present in the origional dungeon keeper. It is rare, and usually only happens while they are not in combat. It seems to be tied to collision with walls in my experience, as they are trying to walk the most direct path to their leader and their leader is diagnally away from them. This causes them to go super fast, and it does not appear visually like any other speed enchanced movement.

    I have had it where I dropped in an imp on some unclaimed land, and the heroes sprinted to attack my imp, and then I pick it up and they sprint back away, and then I can repeat it several times. Eventually though, they will revert to not sprinting once they catch up with the party leader (This was when the party leader could not see the imp)

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