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Thread: creatures jobs

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    Default creatures jobs

    1. How can work like an imp??

    PrimaryJobs = TUNNEL normal

    PrimaryJobs = DIG

    + Properties = SPECIAL_DIGGER

    but he does not work like a imp.



    = He always scavenge ????

    PrimaryJobs = SEEK_THE_ENEMY
    SecondaryJobs = SCAVENGE

    = He always seek the enemy ???

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    Default Re: creatures jobs

    1: You can't. Tunnelers have issues, see this issue for example.
    Even if you do a hero campaign, you're still stuck with imps.

    2: If you have multiple jobs as a primary job the creature should pick one of them at random. They will always prefer the primary jobs over the secondary job yes.

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    Default Re: creatures jobs

    How many PrimaryJobs do work?

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    Default Re: creatures jobs

    I'm not sure about keeperfx, but if it works like the original, as many as you'd like. There you could add up the numbers of the job. E.g. 4 was research, 8 was training, 16 was manufacture so if you gave a creature primary job '28' it would have all three of those jobs as the primary job. Giving the creature primary job '32727' would have given the creatures all jobs as primary job.

    In KeeperFX just list the jobs you want to give.

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    Default Re: creatures jobs

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    I'm not sure about keeperfx
    In KeeperFX you may also put any amount of jobs, and one will be selected by random.

    Job names are defined in creature.cfg. Any job which has PlayerFunctions set will work; jobs which don't have player-based assign functions will never be assigned.

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    Default Re: creatures jobs

    Also it´s so ok?


    Switch the jobs in one game???

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    Default Re: creatures jobs

    The 'GROUP' job doesn't do anything.

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    Default Re: creatures jobs

    What is the different between FIGHT EXPLORE AND SEEK THE ENEMY??

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    Default Re: creatures jobs

    Fight: When a fight happens on the map, the creature will attempt to join it
    Explore: Explore the map
    Seek the enemy: Go to the enemy and start a fight

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    Default Re: creatures jobs

    does this make sense?

    PrimaryJobs = > MANUFACTURE FIGHT <
    SecondaryJobs = TRAIN

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