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    Dungeon Keeper Gold (no fx)

    I have been designing a maze/adventure type map, and was wondering if there was a way to forcibly destroy a specific wall (without using a tunneler), or to forcibly claim a specific tile? The idea is that you cant research bridges and these tiles would be unusable (or worthless) until you had achieved a specific condition (something less intense than destroying a keeper heart).

    For instance, Once you touch action point 7, enable you to use a "Save Point" of claimed land two tiles over, with a now accessable path.

    Would also be awesome if you could turn a wall into a tile of lava directly, but I doubt that is possible

    My second question is in regards to this link

    Avoiding using any IF statements (except maybe initialization IFs)...

    Is there a way to influence other settings besides these? Like changing the amount of experience points required to level from 2 to 3, jobs, anger, lair size, etc. Pretty much anything not specifically mentioned in that link that would be able to be changed in the creature.txt?
    Additionally, is there a way to give other creatures reincarnation (like vampires)? I tried it with making level 10 imps able to reincarnate as a lower leveled imp, but that did not work. Maybe I should have tried a creature that has a lair...

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    First question: No
    You've given the possibilities yourself, use a tunneler or when a dungeon heart is destroyed. Perhaps you could get the computer player to sell a room tile, but that seems unlikely.

    Second question: No
    In the creature.txt you can change almost anything, but on a map specific basis you can only change the things you've found in the scripters guide, nothing else.
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    There isn't a way to change slab ownership directly. It's a question that's been asked many times; clearly the desire for something like it is there, but at the moment you'll have to get creative.

    You said you wanted a way to limit space until a condition is met? That has been done before with reinforced walls and tunnelers. Since you don't want any tunnelers, you could use reinforced walls owned by green-keeper with green tile behind. When the condition is met, kill the green keeper and the reinforced walls will turn to plain dirt as it strips him of his tiles.

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