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Thread: Dzjaar 6Level Pack, I'm stuck :P

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    Default Dzjaar 6Level Pack, I'm stuck :P

    So, I've recently tried to complete the fan-made campaigns of KeeperFX, but I'm currently stuck on this one mission named "The Necromancer"
    For those of you who don't remember or haven't played it, it's the map where there is a big castle in the middle surrounded by lava, and the enemy Dungeon Heart to the east which has a repeated spawning of skeletons. I've tried to go for the Dungeon Heart, but it's protected by Guard Posts so the only thing that can get through are my Ghosts, but they are so weak that I'll lose all 20 of them before the Dungeon Heart goes down.

    If anyone have anything to aid me with this, please share :P There should be a way for me to make a bridge or something, right? Or is there some hidden exploit I need to do in order to complete it?

    And also, sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum, it was either this one or the one for Maps, but I thought that one was just for broadcasting fanmade maps you've made so, took a shot :3

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    You need to kill off all of purples minions and all of greens minions. Greens skeletons will continue to respawn until they're all consecutively dead. After you've done that, a tunneler will drop in and open up a path.

    You can either take over the decayed castle with some concealed imps and just dump your minions everywhere or you can wait until payday when all the skeletons have gathered around the treasury tiles and kill them then. The ghost can detect your invisible imps but he'll be on the other side of the map most of the time.

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    Default Re: Dzjaar 6Level Pack, I'm stuck :P

    Thank you so much :3 You really saved my butt there, had been trying for hours and hours xP

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