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Thread: Ids Habbening

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    What's the quick way of painting long stretches in column mode. I know for certain it exists, but my brain is on smoko and I just can't remember.

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    From the adikted manual:

    3.4 Marking

    If you created any large rooms, you may have found it fairly timeconsuming. There must be a quicker way... it's a pretty big map, after all! Well, of course, having said that, there's bound to be. It's called marking, and you do it like this:

    Find a spare bit of earth where you might want to create a big room... a large lair maybe.
    Press ctrl+space. On the dividing line, it should tell you that you're now marking, and on the message line it will say, "Mark mode on".
    Move around a bit... a white rectangle should appear between the cursor and where you first pressed ctrl+space.
    Mark out a nice big area... you want your creatures to have lots of room, don't you?
    Press L, and the white rectangle should be replaced by a lots of lair tiles.

    If you've put the new lair over earth, it will be unowned... you need to set the ownership on the whole lot. Again, you can use mark mode.

    Press ctrl+space to enter Mark mode.
    Move around so the rectangle covers the whole lair, and press 0. Surprise surprise, the lair should now be white on a red background.
    Edit: Sorry, column mode,.... I don't know, I use the brutally slow method.
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    Paint, Mark and copy-paste don't work in Column mode. I swear I found a way a month or two back but now i've lost it completely. Oh well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woudo View Post
    So i've configured the creatures; Thankyou. Haven't tested it yet but i'll get to that.

    How do I go about making a spell do more damage? I only want it to be stronger for one creature, not for every creature using that spell.
    I'm seeing a lot of different stuff in these .cfg files but the only one that seems relevant is;
    ; Percentage of creature damage increase for every experience level
    SpellDamageIncreaseOnExp = 8
    Spells don't scale with strength right, that's just basic attacks?
    Lightning strike is by far the strongest spell.
    That is why Dark Mistress, above lvl 6, is the strongest creature in the game.
    Samurai's and Skeletons also have lightning, but they will attack the opponent with their swords after using the spell only once, making them loose fights.
    Elves on lava can defeat a dragon, although they are very weak, but will keep distance, while the dragon is not fast enough to approach.

    So what you want to achieve, is was already implemented.
    Lightning Strike kills imps in one strike, it moves faster than all those projectiles.
    The fastest way to take down Avatar Knight, is having some lightning strike creatures hitting him, while dragons or otherwise keep him put.
    Lightning strike can also not be bounced, it killed wizards with ease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woudo View Post
    Brainfart - Do multiple portals spawn creatures faster than having just one?
    Creatures only get spawned faster, when a Vampire is in the Scavenger room.

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