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Thread: Ids Habbening

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    So there is no way to make the Avatar's name "Captain Buttpirate, Scourge of the Butt Seas".

    If you're not absolutely certain, I can always pray to a higher power through private message.

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    I'm absolutely certain.

    Well, that is the way to change it of course, pray to your higher power to make the change, or make a branch of the source code and implement it yourself.

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    Well I won't do that. I want to exploit all available options to their fullest extent as I can, but I don't want to harass Mef over something so menial that'll probably go unnoticed anyway.

    How does it work then? Surely it has to pull the names from a list somewhere.

    - -

    Truly map balancing is worse than diet cordial.

    10 minutes into a game before a handful of faults is found. Quit out and change them.
    10 minutes in, handful of faults. Quit out and fix them.
    This part of the map isn't working well. Quit out and change it.
    10 minutes in, nope now it's worse. Quit out and change it.
    Oh look, all the traps I just put down are in numpad-9 instead of numpad-5. LET'S DO IT ALL AGAIN.
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    There are 3 naming algorithms (male, female, bugs) which are used to generate names. Simply put, those algorithms pick one of the possible starter bits, one or more middle bits, and an ending of a name.

    I can't say I have ever tried diet cordial, but I must confess I too have pressed 'Yes' when I meant 'No' in Notepad++ before.
    Small tip; don't restart the level every time you see something that can be improved, just take notes on what you want changed and do it after retesting everything. Use the cheat-menu if it is blocking you, or if you just want to try with a few more creatures or something.

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    Okay so in the level, a bunch of heroes are dropped in to attack an enemy keeper. They're initially allied so the heroes can 'build up strength' and then after a timer, the alliance is broken. The issue is, the hero force doesn't bother to attack.
    The alliance is definitely being broken. Nearby wandering heroes have broken down the front door before and i'm sure if I put some heroes directly in the lair, they'd fight anyone nearby. The heroes have a clear path to the keepers heart, no guardposts or lava.

    They seem to fall in, see that nobody is available to attack and then go AFK indefinitely, ignoring when the alliance is dropped.

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    Perhaps this simply doesn't work, that when they are dropped they want to attack, see it is a friendly player so drop the plan for attack. When the alliance is broken they no longer want to attack.

    If you want them to 'build up strength' by receiving multiple parties,... you could use the 'countdown' in the add_to_party command, use a big delay for the creatures in the first one you drop, and a small delay for the later ones.

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    8.4 ADD_TO_PARTY
    (​[party name],​[creature],​[experience],​[gold],​[objective],​[countdown])
    This command adds a number of creatures to a party (maximum seven).
    [party name] - The name of the party. This must have been declared with the CREATE_PARTY command.
    [creature] - The creature’s name, e.g. HORNY. See creature names section for more information.
    [experience] - The creature’s experience level.
    [gold] - The amount of gold the creatures are carrying.
    [objective] - The target of the creatures and where they will make for when they enter the level. You will not need to specify the target player yet. This will be done when you place the party on the map.
    [countdown] - Number of game turns before the leader of the party start moving to the objective. Even if this is set to zero, there usually is a little delay (approx. 200 game turns) before the leader starts moving.
    Note: You can only have a maximum of 7 in a party. The leader is selected based on the creature types and their experience level (best and most experienced). Because only the leader will react on [objective] and [countdown] parameters, and you may be not certain which member will become a leader, it is wise to set these parameter to same values for all members of the party.
    "You will not need to specify the target player yet. This will be done when you place the party on the map."

    ADD_PARTY_TO_LEVEL(​[player],​[name],​[action point],​[a])
    Very similar to the ADD_TUNNELLER_PARTY_TO_LEVEL command, this adds a party to the level but does not include a Tunneller Dwarf. This means the party will not be able to tunnel to their target.
    [player] - The name of the player, e.g. PLAYER1, that the creatures belong to. See players section for more information.
    [name] - The name of the party. This must have been declared with the CREATE_PARTY command.
    [action point] - The number of the Action Point where the party will appear. Positive integer value. See action points section for more information.
    If you want the party to appear at a Hero Gate, you will need to enter the Hero Gate’s number here. The number must have a minus sign in front of it to distinguish it from the normal Action Points. For example, if you want the party to appear at Hero Gate 4, the [action point] number will be -4.
    If you want the party to appear at player's Dungeon Heart, you need to enter the player's name instead of the number (see players section).
    [a] - The number of copies of the party to be placed down at the Action Point.
    It's the same for ADD_CREATURE_TO_LEVEL as well. Apparently only tunneller parties can be directed to attack a certain player or head towards an action point. Sure, I can direct the party to ATTACK_DUNGEON_HEART in the party settings but not whose dungeon heart it is they attack.

    I'm going to try putting them in a Tunneller party and then killing the tunneller immediately as he spawns. I have no doubt losing the tunneller will break the party though.

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    What is it you want exactly? Why do you want to 'build up strength' instead of just spawning everything you want at the same time?

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    This is a different level. I'm trying to direct a party of creatures to attack a certain player but because only tunneller parties can take direct navigation orders, I either need to give them a tunneller which would look weird or find some other way around it. I haven't tested myself into a corner yet, I stopped yesterday because the map froze which killed my spirits.

    I swear man, every time I try to make a map centered around flies, it dies on me and needs to be neutered.

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    Well, that is possible. Simply spawn the party when the player triggers the action point. They will see the creature that spawned them make their way to that dungeon.

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