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Thread: OSX here: slow and fragile

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    Default OSX here: slow and fragile

    I had DK1 running under DosBOX on OS X and it ran fine, it's obviously a different story with DK2 (of which I use PlayOnMac) but that didn't work out, so I turned to DK FX.

    The first problem is that FX will not run in Dos mode, how come?!

    I did get it installed but I find that when I run it the game is so s-l-o-w, unbelievably so!

    Every time I run the game it crashes (this with WINE) and then whenever I either load directly "keeperfx.exe" or from "Launcher.exe" that the launcher bitmap will remain white i.e. not load and the direct keeperfx route will remain black - again, nothing. This happens after the first crash and then I need to reboot.

    I did install it on my legacy PC with no trouble however.

    Is there any support for OS X at all please? I really with that it would run in DOS, a lot of problems would be avoided with DosBOX.

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    An idiot of course my WINE installation was out of date, I had v1.4.1, now on v.1.7x. I tried so many things, this was the last, it's 4:19am now, off to bed!

    It runs fine, although the graphics are a little jittery, will see what I can do with that.

    Yosemite here, for those who find that relevant.

    Still wish it worked on DosBOX though.


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