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Thread: Thug of War | The Death Clock

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    No worries, I took it as a joke. And no, I'm about a third younger than you guessed. When I retired I was in my late twenties, but no longer.

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    I was going to post this in the Barbarian Campaign thread where we had our discussion, but I suppose it's more appropriate here.

    Quote Originally Posted by YourMaster View Post
    I don't think a topic exists to share screenshots of dungeon designs, but feel free to make one.
    And I was inspired by that starting layout of the final level, and did something similar for my 'Thug of War' map. I liked that because it forced you to make a different design than you're used to.

    It was indeed a shame that darkkingkongman did his campaign in a single go and wanted to do many maps straight away. He says right in the OP that for many maps he struggled for idea's, which is very logical when you force yourself to do 20 maps in a single go. It seemed he spent so much time working on this, he was burned out and didn't want to continue.
    Many of his maps have potential to be expended upon and be improved - and if he really would have treated this as a preview - he could have seen the feedback provided here as a positive and used it to make his 'final version' better still.
    So I just played your Thug Of War map - it's ridiculously difficult haha.

    First attempt, I had 3 spiders and 3 demon spawn when the level 2-3 heroes started raiding, and I ended up overwhelmed.

    Second play, I trained quicker and waited as long as possible before digging out to gold that would expose my dungeon. I lasted a good while longer, but when I was faced with level 10 samurai/barbarian/giant parties along with level 8 witches who somehow have no recharge time on wind spell, and gangs of level 6 fairies, I was screwed. I had some level 8-10 spiders and demon spawn, 2 warlocks (level 2 and 4) and 3 orcs (level 2-3) and it wasn't enough. There would be around 4 separate parties approaching my dungeon at once and I couldn't beat them with enough time to heal for the next.

    Challenging/frustrating and probably will require several more attempts. For now I'm going to give it a break and maybe pick it up again over the next few days.

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    It is a difficult map yes, of the few I published only Frozen Legion is more difficult. If this one is a bit much for you, try Wetlands, as it is kinda similar but much easier.

    However, this map is easily doable with the correct strategy. Keep in mind that the more you take away from the heroes, the weaker they get and the stronger you get. For example when the heroes don't have barracks anymore their low level party no longer comes. If you are too slow to push out, they will overwhelm you. By the time the Lvl 10 samurai comes you should have your tentacles to freeze him, and you've missed the troll and hounds help as well. When you dig out, really go on the offensive.

    But, did you enjoy the layout?

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    How are hounds and trolls supposed to come out without the appropriate rooms to attract them?

    I'll push out earlier next time, it's trial and error I see. Can't really know the correct strategy until I've played far enough to know what happens. Do you recommend researching as soon as the library is acquired or focusing on training first? I had the warlocks training and the level 8+ demon spawn and spiders researching.

    The layout is interesting. I just built small rooms around the square with guard posts to maximise efficiency, and made sure the tunnel leading to the heroes was as long as possible. I only got as far as claiming the barracks before I was too busy fighting to progress further. The map really punishes you for not utilising every second! I will get through it eventually, though maybe I'll try Wetlands if it makes it easier to build up the right sort of playing style for this level.

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    I'd say at least train your warlocks until lvl 3 before thinking about research. Training remains more important, but having some of the spells won't hurt, especially sight to see which rooms there are to claim. And note that if you're playing with a nightly build or KeeperFX 0.46U guardposts won't help with efficiency. Having the spiders/demon spawn researching sounds like a waste to me, if they can do that they can also fight to push onward and claim more rooms. And I wouldn't say it is trial and error, the level objective clearly states: "Heroes will attack. Raid their dungeon to gain power, or get crushed by the relentless heroes of this realm." This isn't a lie, you must attack or you'll be defeated. If you remember this, you should always win, but if you decide to turtle anyway, you'll die.

    Basically this is the walkthrough for the level, so read on your own risk:

    - Before you breach out, you can find a workshop to the north-west.
    - You may train a bit before you breach out, but when you hear the heroes have found you you're late, quickly claim the library.
    - Once you are healed up - time this right with when parties attack - claim your first barrack. When you're recovered from the counter attack also claim the second barracks so heroes don't have it available anymore.
    - Quickly train up your Orcs a bit, when they have a few levels, I suggest to take the southern route first. If you're having trouble from the magical parties, go for their library first, if not, try to claim a prison.
    - After you have either library or prison, find the second portal before taking the other room. At this point you should get a sizable army that can handle anything the map throws at you.
    - Now decide: Push on to get the temple, or take the northern route to get the torture room. This depends on if you prefer skeletons or have some nice heroes to convert.
    - Finish both routes now, get a large as possible army now with all the rooms you got, and prepare for the final assault by smartly placing traps: Spellcasting heroes will die easily to lighting traps. If you get dragons, they really help.
    - Don't take too long, otherwise they will come out and destroy you. When you are ready, breach the final room with the hero hearth. Kill it and all heroes to win. Fight smartly, not every hero at once and use lightning to kill wizards and fairies.

    General advice:
    - Only have one entrance to your base to focus the fighting on, and you can use traps.
    - If you don't have time to train all your creatures, be smart with the levels. Spiders are much more effective when they get freeze(use this spell well), demon spawn when they get heal, warlocks with heal/firebomb, trolls with speed, etc.
    - If you slap a creature before a fight, it is 25% more efficient.
    - Feed chickens to creatures if you quickly need them healed before a fight.
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    Thug of War: Managed to win the level on 2nd try.

    What I did was to wait until I have 3 spiders, 3 demon spawns. When demon spawn was lvl 3 I used the trick with water corner to get out of the dungeon in possession and fortified the corner so heroes can't visit me. In the possession broke through south dungeon and freed 2 bile demons.

    Trained them to lvl 4 and then built a really long and crooked way out of my dungeon so heroes spend some time getting to it. Picked Disease and Chicken as soon as I could and when the party of 3 with as lead came, I diseased the . When they were close to my dungeon heart, I cast chicken on the samurai which caused him to retreat AND spread the disease among all the creatures in the long and crooked path. This way I only fought heroes that could heal themselves. Dropped imps in the isolated unclaimed path room east to gems so I have gold.

    Visited north part of dungeon, claimed torture room and managed to covert 1 samurai. Received warning about time so I visited dungeon heart. Trapped the whole party in water using guard post. Dropped in the portal because they were useless and expensive. With the only I had, grenade killed trapped wizards and then killed the knights one by one. Mistresses are now lvl 6 so I trapped behind a lava spot and placed 3 mistresses and one samurai to kill him.

    Very hard and intense but well made and wasn't full of traps/ some other things I hate on user made maps so I didn't give up.

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    Well done. Glad you enjoyed it.
    I believe dropping the dragons in the portal was a mistake though, I gave them a big boost in power on this level so they really do pull their weight. And it sounds like you didn't find the troll hidden near your dungeon.

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