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Thread: Heroes of Har campaign - Download

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    I just asked dotted on discord. (His private one, not the keeperklan discord.) It's not disabled, he just now found out it's broken and he'll fix it sometimes later this week.

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    Understood... now adding a file.

    EDIT: I will play in near future very first time after two years.... This will help to fix all kinds of errors there may have been. I know there are quite few...
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    Uploading should now be fixed.
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    Alright... I have played 5 realms so far... And... I can say to myself that this is WAY TOO LONG and frustrating...I don't think this is even decent campaign at all...

    However, I did like some of the parts in here and there... I liked a lot! But still it isn't simply enough. I don't really recommend to play this in mind with quick game, this takes a lot of time and lots of trials and errors, it is like requiring perfect game all the time. Some of the events triggered does not make sense, while few other events fits exactly as it would please.

    But because as I said I will update this, so be it... It will be mainly on scripts though, as I have no idea how I should edit the map exactly.

    The only thing this campaign WOULD really save it's face is if a player likes to have a game in long term and giving a lot of time, perhaps then it would barely be a decent, but that's a long shot. I only remember two maps of this and after several year break, it feels totally different compared back then. All I can say is to not recommend to play this... ( Of course, I have only played 5 maps so far, but I doubt it will improve much from this )...Sorry

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