In KeeperFX the RANDOM command has been replaced by the DRAWFROM command.

This means that all maps using LEVEL_VERSION(1) and the RANDOM command will no longer function properly from this nightly build onward. If you have made such a map, please update it to make sure people can still play it.

Does not affect maps without LEVEL_VERSION(1), so old dungeon keeper maps will remain to work as intended. Only affects KeeperFX-only maps.
I've already updated maps The Death Clock and Thug of War. Note that if you have downloaded these maps before and update your game the maps stop working so you need to redownload them.


To read more on this DRAWFROM command see the wiki: NewLevelScriptCommands.
Like the old RANDOM the value will be determined at the start of the level. It will function differently from the old RANDOM command in the sense that it will draw a single value from up to eight parameters and allows for multiple ranges:

    REM Human player will have random start gold between 10000 and 15000
    REM One bug type creature will be added to pool
    REM Add one of three predefined Hero parties to Hero gate 6 or 9

    REM Spawn a BUG at a random time at the start or near the end of the level
    IF(PLAYER0,TIMER1 >= DRAWFROM(0~12000,72000~108000))
The command has been renamed to prepare for a future implementation of a new RANDOM command, which returns a random value during gameplay and as such can be used in loops(e.g. spawn a party at a random action point every 2 minutes).
This new RANDOM command however can only be implemented after the game has been fully rewritten, so this will take a while.