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    Okay, there are some things that everyone of you could do that will greatly improve the RP, helping each other and the Keeper. Further now, I'd like the next points to be done at each post you do :

    - At the end of each of your post, make a summary that explains briefly the most important stuff that happened, just after the stats of your creatures. The stats should at least include the creature's : Name, Type, Experience level and the percentage before reaching the next one, Health (in percentage), Gold he or she is carrying, Mood and Location in the dungeon (with a brief description of what he or she is doing there). This is very helpful and shouldn't be neglected.

    - For the workers in the workshop, be sure to specify what did you just build in your post after the summary (traps and doors, not misc. objects). This will help the Keeper to know what are the built stuff your characters manufactured. As for the researchers, if you consider you have researched a room or spell for enough time (please consider the fact if you're alone to do the research or not, if you got helped by a spell and at which level you are researching), then mention the new room or spell you have researched. I may edit if I consider it's not the proper time. If you're unsure, please send me a private message. If I don't answer in the next days, it's most likely that I agree on your decision.

    - Please use bright colours so that we can read your texts easily. Dark red, Black, Dark green, Dark yellow, Dark blue, Dark purple, Dark grey, and such other dark colours are not accepted. Please use brighter ones.

    I may edit that post if I consider there are more important things that everyone should know about.

    Thanks for your understanding!
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