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Thread: Run Keeper95.exe on Windows 7 and beyond

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    Default Run Keeper95.exe on Windows 7 and beyond

    When for whatever reason you want to play the original dungeon keeper and you did not download the free version that gave away nor want to use KeeperFX take a look at this troubleshooter:

    I had to reinstall my windows, and DK did not work for me without running the "dungeon keeper 95 Windows 7 64-bit compatibility fix".
    Without it, after the splash screen I get a black 640x480 square in the top left of my screen before it crashes to desktop. You can download it on that site, but I've also attached it here: dungeonkeeper95_win7_64bit.7z

    It also has a fix for the strange colors.

    If you want to reduce the speed of the game see this post here.
    EDIT: Link is dead. Attached the file:
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    Default Re: Run Keeper95.exe on Windows 7 and beyond

    I found out that using DxWnd allows you to easily run Dungeon Keeper and the official editor on a modern machine:

    There's a help document included with the download. It stops the editor from speeding up too.

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