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Thread: Sprites/Speed Bug in custom map

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    Default Sprites/Speed Bug in custom map

    Hi there ! It s been a long time since I last came here

    Anyway, I recently started creating a map with the official editor, everything s smooth except for a bug I encountered several times while playtesting the map with keeperfx ver : Suddenly some sprites (like training room dummies, chicken or workshop machine) start going really fast.
    Once that speed issue kicks in a lot of sprites simply freeze, like I can see the remnants of a battle with a drain beam and fly cloud stuck in a corridor, even sprites of heroes which remain in place after their death. Now once that started, I can restart the game and load the save that wont change anything.
    But it doesn t trigger on map start, it s often in middle game. And there aren t a lot of ``things`` in this map. Any input greatly appreciated!

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    I believe something similar is fixed in Could you update to the latest nightly and see if your issue disappears?

    And if not, make a zip file of one of your saves with this problem(created in the latest nightly), and upload it somewhere?

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    I ll try that and see what happens then.

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