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Thread: Latest Nightly build crashes game when started

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    Default Latest Nightly build crashes game when started

    Latest nightly build published (r1735) crashes the game before starting.
    I get no error or warnings on the heavy log:

    Dungeon Keeper FX ver (heavylog release)
    LOG CREATED  @ 16:30:21  24-04-2015
    Sync: LbMouseChangeMoveRatio: New ratio 256x256
    Sync: CPU GenuineIntel type 0 family 6 model 10 stepping 1 features bfebfbff
    Sync: PhysicalMemory 32
    Sync: Memory-demanding features enabled.
    Sync: load_configuration: Starting
    Sync: load_configuration: Processing Config file, 971 bytes
    Sync: load_configuration: Config loaded
    Sync: setup_screen_mode_zero: Setting up mode 10
    Previous NBs worked for me.

    It is strange that there is no error or warning on the log.

    Should it be added more log details?
    Can somebody try the nightly build?

    This is the error message when it crashed (in spanish):

    Firma con problemas:
      Nombre del evento de problema:	APPCRASH
      Nombre de la aplicación:	keeperfx_hvlog.exe
      Versión de la aplicación:
      Marca de tiempo de la aplicación:	5539a7d5
      Nombre del módulo con errores:	kernel32.dll
      Versión del módulo con errores:	6.1.7601.18409
      Marca de tiempo del módulo con errores:	53159a85
      Código de excepción:	c00000fd
      Desplazamiento de excepción:	000115e3
      Versión del sistema operativo:	6.1.7601.
      Id. de configuración regional:	3082
      Información adicional 1:	cd86
      Información adicional 2:	cd86dee27c53b8f6ffdde82be8a7bc6c
      Información adicional 3:	c1c5
      Información adicional 4:	c1c5989f29c96f4340c745e63cc31324
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    Default Re: Latest Nightly build crashes game when started

    SOLVED. It was a video driver problem, i fixed it installing the latest version driver for mi Intel HD4000 (i7).

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