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    hi, is it possable to download dk1 maps to use with keeperfx or do i have to go with keeperfx maps? ive managed to finish all the current keeperfx (the ones that didnt crash) and enjoyed the fan makes, now seeking a new adventure but unfortunatly not the best with computer stuff.

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    thanks, also you wouldnt happenn to know if ever there was a fix to play online, i tried a few years ago when i had the disc with no joy (or any idea, now have slight intelegence), would be nice to play against someone tatical for a change

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    KeeperFX does have multiplayer over TCP/IP, but it is not really supported so likely to crash at some point.
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    oh, thats a shame , well ill try adding the maps from the links you gave, ta very much

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    right i have downloaded a few others now, having problems putting them into keeperfx, computer says no either doing it wrong or need a new laptop

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    i have it sorted

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