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    After conquering several dungeons and obtaining all of the portal gems, you and your creatures are ready to advance and take control of the overworld. However, long years spent inside the dark, grim dungeons have taken their toll on you and your minions - the bright sun of the outside world is burning the skin and eyes, while the oxygen which fills the air of the overworld is venomous to the lungs. It seems like the good heroes have defeated you before the true war even started... or does it?

    Good news, keeper. Our best warlocks have found something which can prove of crucial value in the War For The Overworld. An ancient technology, called the Sun Dimmers. Those highly magical devices absorb the sunlight from their surroundings, making the atmosphere dark, grim and unhabitable by many of the surface dwellers. The grass and other plant life in the area withers and dies, which causes the area to be a barren wasteland, devoid of most life. However, it is an environment where your creatures can thrive. Of course, they are expensive to set up, and require a lot of mana to be sustained initially, but after being set up fully, they can use the energy from the light they gather to power themselves.
    Your dungeon heart is capable of sustaining one powerful Sun Dimmer, but if you want to expand your reign in the Overworld, you'll have to create more by yourself. They won't be as powerful as the one your dungeon heart provides, and will weaken the further away they are from other Sun Dimmers. The parts have to be created in your [workshop/library/dungeon heart/new room dedicated just to that] and then carried to the selected area where you want the new Sun Dimmer to be built by your imps. Unfortunately, only your imps can carry the parts, as the effects of such powerful magic on most creatures would be far too strong for them to survive, not to mention, be able to carry the parts to the designated place. This is a set back, as you will have to ensure the area is clear before your imps can start buliding the device proper. The device itself, while it is constructed, is frail and easy to destroy by any trespassing hero. However, once the device is complete, the strong magical forces ensure that it is not easily broken.

    Yeah, this is my idea on how overworld gameplay should kinda look like. If I didn't make anything clear, just ask and I'll try to explain the best I can. I also have some sketches, which I would post, but atm, I don't have them scanned :< I'll try to do it ASAP.

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    I quite like the idea of implementing the impact of sunlight on your dungeon dwelling minions. I feel setting up some kind of Overworld equivalent of a Dungeon Heart, or combining these two would be most appropriate.

    I like the idea of it corrupting the land and making an arid, bleeding eyesore. But it really depends on how the gameplay in WFTO works. Do post more of your idea though, its good.

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