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Thread: General troubleshooting questions

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    Default General troubleshooting questions


    What is the max for >SleepExperince< = WATER 6000 ??

    Can creatures grow up in various creatures by random ??


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    I don't know the max sleep experience. Bigger numbers are generally better, but it seems to me that if the number gets too big you'll start to get less experience somehow.

    A creature can only grow up into 1 other creature.

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    What is TREMBLING_FAT in Properties?

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    All creature properties are explained in imp.cfg. This is what it says about this property:
    ; TREMBLING_FAT - Creature is so fat that ground trembles when it falls

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    How can fly without the ability fly? Looks like with the cloud.

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    At level 2 they get the 'fly' spell.

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    I mean fly like Properties = FLYING, with the cloud

    2. Can a creature not become experience in a fight???

    3. Make a creature with two fart double damage?
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    Everything is explained in imp.cfg:

    ; Creature properties
    ; BLEEDS - the creature leaves blood when is hit, slapped, dying or being injured in any way
    ; UNAFFECTED_BY_WIND - the creature isn't pushed back by Wind spell
    ; IMMUNE_TO_GAS - the creature isn't injured by Gas Traps and Farts
    ; HUMANOID_SKELETON - the creature leaves a skeleton if left in prison to die
    ; PISS_ON_DEAD - creature feels urge to piss on nearby dead bodies
    ; FLYING - creature normally isn't touching ground when moving and can move up and down
    ; SEE_INVISIBLE - creature has natural ability which works like Sight spell
    ; PASS_LOCKED_DOORS - creature can move through locked doors and won't fight with doors
    ; SPECIAL_DIGGER - creature can dig and perform other dungeon tasks
    ; ARACHNID - creature is kind of spider
    ; DIPTERA - creature is kind of fly
    ; LORD - creature is lord of the land, usually arrives to level as final boss, and at arrival
    ; you can hear "beware, the lord of the land approaches"
    ; SPECTATOR - creature is just a spectator for multiplayer games
    ; EVIL - creature has evil nature
    ; NEVER_CHICKENS - creature isn't affected by Chicken spell
    ; IMMUNE_TO_BOULDER - when boulder trap hits the creature, falls apart without dealing any damage
    ; NO_CORPSE_ROTTING - Creature body can't be taken to rot on graveyard
    ; NO_ENMHEART_ATTCK - Creature won't attack enemy dungeon heart on sight
    ; TREMBLING_FAT - Creature is so fat that ground trembles when it falls
    ; FEMALE - Creature is a female, does female sounds and has female name
    ; INSECT - Creature is an insect (note that DIPTERA and ARACHNID creatures should also have INSECT set explicitly)
    ; ONE_OF_KIND - Only one creature of that kind may exist on a specific map. Creature name is set to kind name.
    2. Yes, creatures gain experience from fighting. It just is quite slow so usually you don't really notice it. If you have wizards with rebound and hail fight each other you will see them level up to 10 really quickly though, as every hailstone counts as a hit and gets them experience.

    3. No, you cannot assign two of the same spells to one creature. If you do it shows up twice but counts just once. Bile demons already have poison gas attack and fart so they do have double gas damage as they are two different spells.
    If this is important to you, you can remove another spell from the game altogether and replace it with a duplicate of fart. That way you can assign both spells to a creature. You can also simply double the spell damage of fart.

    Edit: I see your edit on number 1. If you want to cloud you give them the fly spell, if you don't want the cloud you give them the flying-property.
    You can't make the cloud appear without the spell unless you modify the actual sprites of those creatures (and you don't want that).
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    Default Re: General troubleshooting questions

    Can have experience by dig ??

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