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    Regardless of what the author writes in his description, this pack has extensive plot and nice introduction to every mission. This, and good quality of the levels, makes this campaign quite interesting.
    Name: Grinics' KReign Campaign
    Kind: DD Campaign, Created 05 Jul 1998
    Maps: 10 (ordered to play as campaign)
    Authors: Grinic
    I've tried Grinics' KReign Campaign included in KeeperFX. I haven't tried that many of the custom campaigns, but the quote from lubiki calling it 'good quality levels' won me over.

    This campaign has a theme. One level is a first person maze, but the other 9 levels share several characteristics: You'll have limitless gold, space for a massive dungeon and well over a hundred creatures will enter your dungeon. In fact if you have a portal the creatures will still be coming when you've won the level. Claiming rooms won't mean you'll get to build them. Also, you'll often start out with several level 10 creatures, get access to a prison quite soon and can use all this to roll over any opposition. If you like steamrolling your opponent with hundreds of creatures, this is the campaign for you. I like the consistency, the levels fit together well, clearly by the same author.

    There's an extensive story, both in voice-work before the level starts and in objectives when you get started. I'm not really into stories in Dungeon Keeper, so I have to admit I skipped the story sequences.

    There seem to be some issues with this campaign though. The most glaring oversight is that on some levels blue/green/yellow creatures are used instead of white creatures, so if you don't hurry up all your enemies have died from starvation and you'll win by default. Blue creatures have also been used as parties, but they spawned after I had defeated the blue keeper on the map so they dead instantaneously. Not as important but noticeable is that when I beat a level in KeeperFX 0.4.6 on this campaign I an empty score screen. The maps would have been prettier if not as many straight lines would have been used to draw the rock and the rest of the map.
    There was one map where I needed a peek in the script - I defeated all enemies but the level would not finish - apparently I had to trigger a random action point somewhere on the map be allowed to continue.

    The first few levels you start out with very powerful creatures so you can quickly defeat all opposition. In the later levels though you have to wait before you can win. You won't be attacked but have to train up a large army and/or research destroy walls before you can face the enemy, so 'wait-to-win'.
    All levels are quite basic, Grinic clearly does not like to script.

    All said and done, this campaign is too easy for me. For reference, the original campaign is much more of a challenge. Play it if you like to see massive dungeons, or are a completionist who wants the beat all the included campaigns.

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    Yeah, I found it was a rather rushed campaign, and there were a lot of good concepts (like the Labyrinth level and the First Person Maze puzzle). However, there was an odd emphasis on large armies (I personally prefer having Squad Based campaigns where you have limited resources and you had to be very careful to survive) and have a tendency to "overwhelm" the game. To be honest, it felt like an inexperienced mapmaker's first draft of a campaign.

    To be fair, this campaign was created a year after DK Vanilla was released, so it's more Early Installment Weirdness than noob campaigns.
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