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    A desperate struggle awaits. You are surrounded by three powerful keepers and it does not look like they will give you a chance to catch up.

    I had already made three maps to illustrate how to use the design principles I proposed in this topic. All three focused on Heroes, so this fourth map is all about rival keepers. You've got to do research and train your creatures while you keep your imps alive and defend against the relentless onslaught of enemy imps that will try to take over your dungeon. Get into a fight too quickly, or against too many Keepers and you're gone.

    Notice I gave the keepers a head start, a proper dungeon and plenty of gold to mine and there is no water or lava on the map so they function optimally.

    Download it here. Requires KeeperFX to play.

    This map features:
    • Three rival keepers with a head start
    • Tunnels from their dungeons towards yours
    • A fun bonus when you take your time to string them along

    If you played it, please let me know what you think. All Feedback is welcome of course, I'm sure I made some mistakes. Also see 'The Death Clock', 'Thug of War' and 'Wetlands'.
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    Had fun playing it. I lost to the Blue Keeper the first time. You have to keep the pressure on.

    At the beginning maybe you could give the player a couple of spiders as I found myself attacked by the green keeper almost immediately and quite overwhelmed.

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    Thanks for the feedback, glad you had fun.

    The advantage I gave the player is that he has the most imps and that they are level 2. Quickly claim your portal and build rooms straight away and you should get spiders and other creatures really quickly. Use the imps and the first fly to delay their imps from claiming the path towards your dungeon. And what really helps is


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    Yes. Getting them to fight each other gave me an advantage for training creatures. Except when one keeper is destroyed, the other two join forces against you. Guess a lot of it is down to sheer luck.

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    Yes, that is both an advantage and a disadvantage to keeper-based maps, they play out differently each and every time. Once you know what to expect and have a solid strategy you should be able to consistently win though. My method is stalling them until I have the powerful rooms and than take them out one by one.

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