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    Okay. If you must know I've tried all these cheats and they work, so here they are:

    Press ctrl + alt + c During gameplay and you will hear the sound of a door closing then type any of the following:

    now the rain has gone = complete realm revealed.

    this is my church = all rooms become available to build.

    fit the best = all doors and traps become available to construct.

    i believe its magic = all spells become available.

    show me the money = gives the player gold.

    ha ha thisaway ha ha thataway = gives the player 100000 mana.
    (only works in version 1.7 of the game or higher.)

    do not fear the reaper = wins the current level.

    Let me know if these work.

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    (ಠ ل͟ ಠ)

    It's a stickied thread too.
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    I think this was a reply in another topic and accidentally became a new topic. Who else is the 'you' that's being talked about.
    Just like this topic should have been a post in this one.

    If only we had mods who can merge topics. (they are all too busy playing WftO)

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